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Support of Яндекс.Станция

There is smart speaker Яндекс.Станция in Russia. It would be good to have Spotify on it.

Updated on 2022-01-26

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nah by what russia did to ukraine they dont deserve anything right now 


I know what you're going for, but we shouldn't deny people service just because the government does bad things. That way, nobody in, I'm afraid, any other country wouldn't deserve anything.


Ye bro, but russians have to realize that their president is an aggressor, over 70% of Russians believe that Putin is a righteous man.

(please don't speak up in cases which you have no idea about anything. you're polish, not Ukrainian neither Russian) 




Будет здорово. Любые интеграции это прорыв. Чем умнее станция, чем больше у нее возможностей, тем круче она, приятнее и удобнее.


I'm really want it. I'm living in Georgia, but I have Yandex station and want to sync it with spotify


I really need it!




I have yandex station and spotify account as well. Please do integration!