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Taylor version option for daylist

Status: Live Idea

I rlly enjoy the daylist feature, but as silly as this may seem, I sometimes don't use it as I'll need to keep skipping the Taylor songs (that have been made into Taylor version) that I luv cause I now prefer to listen to the Taylors version. So for instance 1989 one of my faves I keep skipping in daylist because I'd rather listen to the Taylors version.

I was discussing with some friends and the googled it and a lot ppl seem to have this problem too. We would luv it if there was a future that allowed us to edit playlists and the daylist to replace any of the stolen ones with Taylor's version as they come. There's currently a website that we use that does it for our playlist I'll attach it below, if this could be incorporated into Spotify it would be amazing, cause it's hard to use that website with the daylist playlist as it changes throughout a day (which is what makes daylist amazing.) As trivial as this may sound, can I say that we swifties would rlly appreciate this. Thank u for giving us a platform to share ideas.


*The website link is