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So my idea is that Spotify should add a lyric translation to songs. For example I listen to greek music and the writing all in greek I think that Spotify should have an option to translate the songs (English) so I can read and understand the songs. I think this would be useful people who also lyrics to Spanish would want lyrics translated to understand the song. Basically idea is to translate the song into the language you know and understand the words in song. Like this if you agree and think it’s smart! 

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Updated on 2021-07-09


Your idea has been submitted a while ago but unfortunately hasn't gathered enough kudos. In order to keep an overview of the active ideas in this forum, we will close this idea for now. However, this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify.

If you still feel strongly about your request, we encourage you to post your idea in a little different form again! Maybe now is the right time to receive the support of our community for your suggestion!

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I was listening to one Indian song and the lyrics was displaying in Urdu. I don't even know how to read Urdu. There is no option to select other languages for lyrics. India has so many languages and it becomes impossible to read the lyrics if there's no option to select lyrics language. 


Hello Spotify,
I am a regular user of Spotify and I find it most easy to explore and user friendly; deeply I love Spotify. Often it happens that I hear songs which is in different language but I love their music. Lyrics are an additional cream over the music cake which brings out the full essence of the song, and if one understands the lyrics of a song which is not of a language which they know then not only will they be able to enjoy the music fully but also it will help them learn a new language! Music does not have boundaries, so I think even language should not be an obstacle. I have to end up searching the same song in YouTube and then vibing along, I am a bit lazy to use so many apps for a single song. The recent update of having lyrics along with the song is really useful, I can sing along with the song and have a feeling that I am collaborating with the artist🤣 If the translation at the same time transliteration feature comes up, it will be worth a lottery more than a crore! You guys always make my day, adding these features will add days to my life too!! I am damn sure this feature will add on many others to Spotify! Thanks and will be patiently waiting for this update!


I need this feature too, because in Japan the lyrics of Korean songs is written in hiragana (Japanese alphabet) and not in Korean. I know it’s for Japanese people to sing along but it’d be nice to have choose original lyrics too. Give us options please.


The ideia is:

 The artist could have the option of translate the song for other languages by themselves and if they didnt want to, thats when Spotify puts the option of Google Translate. When we go to ready the lyrics, would appear a button to translate it and we would choose the language (and if the artist translated by themselves, a "green flag" or some other button would appear to show it.).




And why?

Most of the users of Spotify listen to songs in multiple languages even if they only speak their mothers language, that's on the statistics, but music isnt only just sounds, we want to see what the artist have to say so we need to search from translations and that magic of listening to the words instantly disappear. 


There is no feature in spotify with which we can change lyrics language. So i would like you to add this feature so that we can see lyrics in our favourite language 😄


The lyrics of the songs could have the option to choose another language of translation.


There is a dire need for the option of choosing the language we can view our lyrics in. While on the surface, lyrics in the language of the song sounds great enough. There are discrepancies galore with this.




Forexample, I am a Pakistani and speak Urdu. Someone in India speaks Hindi. Vocally, these languages are very similar. However, they are written in vastly different dialects which are illegible unless you speak the right language. Hindi speakers cannot read Urdu, and Urdu speakers cannot read Hindi. Now on Spotify, Hindi songs are understood by Pakistanis but they cannot read the lyrics due to them being in Hindi. Even more so, Pakistani songs also for some reason have their lyrics in Hindi even though they are Urdu songs. This is probably because an outsider wouldn't understand these differences. Hence, to bypass such issues and many others, a simple option to choose the language for lyrics would be incredibly useful. 


The song "Hawa Hawa" from Coke Studio Season 11 album is Hindi/Urdu. It was a massive hit in India in 90s (Hindi language). The lyrics show up in Urdu which most Indians can't read but the song is in Hindi. Urdu is expressed in Arabic script.


Suggestion - for Hindi/Urdu language tracks offer lyrics in Hindi script as well. The Hindi and Urdu language are 99% the same but with different written script.





 Did anyone thinking that those song we hear and sing we wanted someone to saw or hear? Now we have lyric and some like j-pop we could just hear and see their lyric but we dont know what the lyric means!!! I really suggest spotify can have a translate lyric this option .I know the lyric is not from spotify but from another app but really need an option that is translate lyric to our language. We also need japan lyric that is help us to sing or korea lyric this is so helpful to help us singing the song .If spotify have those option that would be great right . 

I have a plylist is for japan playlist if u like it just save it and my upload more in no time!!!