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Translation lyrics

So my idea is that Spotify should add a lyric translation to songs. For example I listen to greek music and the writing all in greek I think that Spotify should have an option to translate the songs (English) so I can read and understand the songs. I think this would be useful people who also lyrics to Spanish would want lyrics translated to understand the song. Basically idea is to translate the song into the language you know and understand the words in song. Like this if you agree and think it’s smart! 


Andre Bocelli 😩


I think music is global, I listen to music in different languages, so I would like to be able to translate when I read the lyrics. this option would be great for a lot of people like me. Thank you ❤️


Musixmatch already supports romaji and translated lyrics so just implement their system! 


Bom dia,

Gostaria de sugerir uma melhoria, se possível, para os desenvolvedores: incluir a tradução das letras das músicas no aplicativo para computador. Isso ajudaria bastante, se fosse semelhante ao recurso disponível no celular.

No meu spotify não aparece o ícone para mostrar a tradução de nenhuma musica.

I wish to express the same demand and hope that work will be done on it. Unfortunately, the voting function is disabled for my account...


If someone is listening to a song in a language that is different than their set language in the settings, they should be able to see lyrics for songs in both the song's original language and a translation of the song. The translations can come from an AI's translation of the lyrics (Google Translate or Deepl) and/or the community. This can be a feature that people can toggle but it should be automatically on. This feature would attract a lot of language learners to Spotify and it would allow people to know what the songs they are listening to are saying. 


Hello, I was listening to a song in French and quite frankly had no idea what the song was about, and thought how it would be great If Spotify had translations in brackets underneath the original lyrics to whichever language the cellphone or account is set to in order for listeners not to waste time searching translations on a third party site. How you would do it I haven't a clue, perhaps AI is advanced enough to auto-translate or the guys working on the lyrics feature do the work necessary anyways I have an example of how I imagined it in the attachment. If you like the idea great if not well excuse me for wasting your time.