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Turn off Lyrics

There must be a way to turn off lyrics, my kids read all offensive lyrics to easily, should be easy to add an options for lyrics on/off

Updated on 2023-03-31

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


@oeminli Will you just calm down?  Suggestions posted here cannot be implemented in the blink of an eye.


@thristan No I won’t calm down. SPOTIFY PLEASE, SOLVE THAT PROBLEM!!!!!



@88papi One of your previous posts says that it will be the last for this thread.  Therefore I was hoping you'd be quiet about this situation and leave the Spotify staff alone to review it and decide when to implement it.  It cannot happen in an instant.


Long time… still spotify doesn’t give any update to us🫠


Are they on by default? Never noticed it on my iPhone and iPad. 


Yes.  On those things, a tab appears at the bottom of the Now Playing screen, revealing the lyrics if you swipe up.  The reason you don't see the tab is that either no lyrics are available or the track is an instrumental.  Actually this thread is supposed to be labeled that the idea is meant for mobile devices, if all it's asking for is an on/off switch for the lyrics.


I hate this feature so much. Why shove it down our throat? Swipe functions are messed up.


Putting up with this for feels like years. Damn it. Make me want to try apple or anything else.


The fact that we HAD the ability to disable it  and then that was removed by spotify: shady af.


Your marketing team sucks. Lyrics feature sucks. Do you think we just love singing along to everything and want to study every song? Stupid.


Look, the reason somebody wanted Spotify to show lyrics in the first place is that they like it to be at par with Apple Music and other music streaming sites, which you're thinking of leaning towards.  If the lyric tab is preventing you from swiping left or right to skip tracks, press  or !  Looking at your screen to do that only takes a few seconds, even though you argue that you'd rather not.  I also suggest that you use Spotify on a computer, just like those guys who want to change the lyric background colors -- or God forbid, turn them off completely.  Click the microphone icon to turn the lyrics on and off.  See?  Spotify DOES have a feature to enable or disable the words to songs!


LOL who uses a PC to listen to music??? 


Oh sorry let me bring my PC for music, my phone cant handle it.


lets all go backwards, no more mobile banking, infact lets all use pen and paper.


Go away pls

I bet your over 40... if not, thats sad.

No one is going backwards to listen to music, sorry.


I found an old version of spotify apk without lyrics. Thanks


@lee46 Who uses a PC to listen to music?  These guys, that's who!  I've not yet reached my 40's, and that ain't sad. 😠 I bet the Spotify mobile app did not succeed the browser version; they were released together.  Just because one would rather use the platform on a computer doesn't mean they're old-fashioned.


@88papi Say to whoever started this thread that he should've labeled the idea that it's meant for mobile devices.  Also tell him to keep his children away from songs with dirty words.


I know you guys prefer to use Spotify on mobile devices, but what version are you using?  Somebody told me that with the lyrics tab visible, you can still swipe left or right -- even in a diagonal motion -- to skip tracks, if it's done on the regular Spotify app.  It won't work on the lite version.