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Verify the Spotify Flatpak on Flathub

Increasingly, Linux distributions (outside of ubunutu) are moving to use Flatpak instead of snap; however, as of right now, the only listed  way to download the Spotify app on Linux is via Snap or deb package. This has driven demand for an alternative solution and has led to the creation of an unofficial Spotify Flatpak which, as of writing this, has been downloaded over 3.4 Million times with around 3,400 installs daily.


The problem with this is that this package is "unverified", meaning that even though it is packaged from official upstream snaps/sources, the flatpak will bear a security warning label (potentially scaring off some users) and some distros won't show it by default in their software/app stores.


Per Flathub's documentation, the fix for this is to have Spotify "verify" themselves by creating a Flatpak account and linking it to the Spotify domain/website. This would be a very similar (maybe easier) process to how Snap was verified and does NOT commit Spotify to officially supporting the package similar to Snap.  It would however ensure further/future discoverability and use by millions of customers on the Linux platform at large (including atomic distros and the Steam Deck).


This would be an excellent step! With the rise of the Steam Deck and people switching to Linux as a consequence of the growing discomfort in trusting Microsoft's operating system, an officially maintained Flatpack would be great. I do not feel like trusting a third-party compiled Spotify client with my sensitive account data.


Please consider this, Spotify developer team.