[Wear OS] Offline Music on Wear OS devices

Please add offline music support to the wearable without need to be connected to the main phone /tablet.

Eg Bluetooth headphones connected to my smartwatch listening to music while I'm running.

This is now supported by the watch OS

Updated on 2020-10-21

Hi again everyone,


We got this one wrong. As you well know, offline playback for Spotify on Wear OS is currently not supported. Sorry about our mistake with the recent update here in Community. 


Your feedback is reaching the teams here at Spotify - and we’re changing this Idea to ‘Under Consideration’. 


Please keep the votes coming and watch this space for further updates.


It's never going to happen guys XD. Selling my Suunto soon as it's a joke Wear OS still doesn't have this functionality.


I bought a smartwatch for just this feature !!

Really dissappointed it's not possible to listen to music on my watch whilst running or not even downloading the music in another format that my watch will happily play.

Thinking hard about switching to Deezer for this


I agree with you! I don't understand how a feature can be advertised as part of a smartwatch and not be available. It is false advertising from spotify and the Smart watch company


How can it be this functionality under consideration since 2014? I have switched to Spotify Premium to use this feature... Thinking of unsubscribing if this is not implemented soon. It is something that would help a lot to all the people who do sports with wear os smartwatch in order to leave out the mobile.


Come on guys! The whole point of having spotify on the watch is so people can go for a run or be active without their bulky phone and still be able to listen to music. Apple music on Apple watch was doing this back in 2015. Can you please flick the switch to allow us to download playlists to wear OS watch. Surely is can't be that hard and it would revolutionize the app on the watch. Honestly would consider switching providers if this isn't implemented asap 


They try EVERYTHING to lose their customers... 😛


I highly recommend to download the songs from Spotify and transfer the mp3 files to the watch afterwards. More work, not wanted like this from Spotify, but it really sucks, that they just ignore us with this over years already. What a way to show us respectlessly the stinky finger...


It's a shame that you have implemented this feature for other OS's like Samsung Tizen and Apple Watch, but WearOS does not have this feature. Don't you see that people are trying to workaround and port your Android application to run on WearOS? This small feature added to existing WearOS Spotify application will make us happier with using your application. I'm sure this wouldn't even cost you so much, because every user who wants this feature has Spotify Premium.


Deezer allows this. Once people start to switch and create their libraries etc they will not switch back. Me included.


This is a blocker for buying an Android smartwatch in the first place. To my amazement, this feature is still not available even the idea was initially posted on 2014. I always thought better of Spotify. Please do it. Need is there and the concept is pretty straightforward.


Feels like they just don't care abt the community at all 🙄

In 1st I was angry about Fitbit only supporting offline play for Deezer on their Sense/Versa3 but as I now see Spotify not giving a damn about this since 6 1/2 years I think i'm done with it...