[Web Player] Bring back the old web player

The minimalism of the web player makes it near unusable (self.spotify)

submitted 2 minutes ago by MovkeyB

Here is a list of basic stuff that got removed:

  • See the radio
  • See the queue
  • See the song length
  • see how far in the song you are

Here is stuff that got destroyed in terms of functionality.

  • adding a song to a playlist is now a lot more difficult and requires moving a lot more bc it opens up a HUGE window instead of the little menu

  • The volume slider is not live, its drag and drop so you can't hear the effect of the volume change in real time

Everything is HUGE and they just seem to love all the dead space and tell me pretty much nothing about whats going on.

It's atrocious. I've used it for about 10 minutes and I already despise it with a burning passion. These things I mentioned are just the ones that are just immediately obvious because I USE THEM FREQUENTLY

Hey folks, thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange with your feedback around the Web Player. With this updated version you can see a new design, improved performance and Spotify Connect integration.


This idea is asking for quite a few things--it's better to make one idea for each feature you want back. There is already an idea about the return of the play queue right here. Please know we are still testing and improving the new web player and are taking on board all feedback! We'll keep an eye on this idea as you continue to leave votes and comments. 

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Here are some problems I'm having with the new player: 

* NOT ENOUGH INFO in LIST: - example: When looking at an album with multiple artists on it, the artists are not listed - just the song titles. ak!
* CURRENT PLAYING SONG - The Icon is way TOO SMALL,  hard to see if I'm not sitting right in front of the computer. It also does not list the album. 
-LACK OF INFO- and EXTRA STEPS - I can no longer click on the album image in the current song to get to the album. I have to search for it in the search bar. This is a very annoying step and wastes time. 


WHERE IS MY LIST OF PLAYLISTS? - I have a very hard time navigating through the pool of albums. It would be nice to have the pool of albums AS WELL AS the list of playlists, for those of us who are used to associating our lists with just titles and their vertical order. I feel deflated trying to re-find my playlists in the grid. I could get used to this, but still annoying, especially since there is a giant empty space where the list would be. Some people might enjoy the list of 'recently listened to lists' -


IDEA: perhaps an option to switch between the entire list and the recent list? 

(frustrated rant:) LESS is NOT MORE. LESS is frustrating and wastes time when trying to navigate or find out information. 

PLEASE DONT CHANGE THE DOWNLOADED PLAYER TO BE LIKE THE NEW ONE! I would download the player on all the computers I use, but I play stuff for my students at school and we cannot download and install unoffical software.

(Otherwise, I Love spotify and recommend it to anyone I can!) 


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What I am missing the most is

  • Last.fm scrobbling
  • "Add to queue"

That was very useful. :(


Hi. New web player is really buggy. UI is not working correctly, I often have to refresh the page to be able to change the song or access the UI in another way.


Anohter MAJOR downgrade that came with the new web player is, that there is no option to search or sort my saved albums. This is huge downgrade. I have to scroll for ages to find specific album that I want to listen. Can't even CTRL+F search since page loads titles as I scroll down. PLEASE bring atleast search bar to my albums.


Sorting by X would be nice too. I used to discover new music by saving albums to listen them later, but now I can't find them from all the albums I have saved, so it would be nice to sort albums by date added like before update.


Absolutely not satisfied with this new web player...I am missing the sorting of my saved music/artists and the album total length. Can´t understand why they removed such crucial functions/informations...Why is Spotify removing so many features? And why there is no way to contact spotify, only using this community?

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Another thing that would be really useful, it wasn't on the old update but hopefully will be added to a new one, could we make it so we can drag and drop songs on the My Songs tab? So that way we would be able to chang the order of the songs. I like just starting my My Songs tab from the top and listening to the songs that way.

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And the fact that you can't see what song is playing on the tab really bothers me too, because in school we are supposed to be on one tab and that tab only when we are doing work, so when I go to look at what song is playing I get in trouble.


Whenever I change the playlist it forgets it's on random and shuffle. I have to put it back on every single time. I cant sort songs. It randomly stops playing and I have to move the time bar a tiny bit to make it start again, just pressing play/pause doesnt work. it drains my iphone if i forget to close the app on my phone. It runs all day on my computer and I end up going back home with a dead phone because from 8 to 4 it also played silently on my phone... why??? the layout is ugly and everything about it sucks. put back the old player play.spotify.com. 


Hey, guys! 


I've got a suggestion for the open.spotify.com web player - get rid of it (this is not a troll post or something, please read below).


I'm not sure who came up with the idea to remove all the useful features in the play.spotify.com web player, but the guy who approved the idea, shouldn't be working in UI development/design or otherwise make any decisions on the matter. 


Reasons why you should get rid of it:


1. Isn't as intuitive and user-friendly as play.spotify.com. 

2. Doesn't have as much options as the play.spotify.com. 

3. Opening up a playlist, to check out the songs, opens a new page, while the play.spotify.com has that open on the same page and you could look at things in the background. 

4. Everything is taking up too much space on the screen. I mean why would anybody need to have their spotify able to see from outer space? 

5. Right-clicking on a song and checking out the featured artists in it is something I really enjoyed doing and quite frankly it helps discover new songs (which on the other hand also helps the artists). 

6. For some reason I think it's slower than the play.spotify.com UI. I haven't confirmed any concrete data on it, but eyeballing the transitions and animations, they do seem to be slower and a bit glitchy-er. 


I find that the older interface at play.spotify.com has a more creative approach design-wise, this new one is simply generic and unattractive. It may look alright if you're using a tablet or something, but not when it comes to a PC. 


I understand that there are people who may prefer using it and that my suggestion is a bit harsh and unfair to those of them, so why not just add a button to give the user ability to switch to their own preferred Web UI? (If there is such a button and I'm too stupid to find it, please do shed some light where I can locate that aid of my problems)


My rant ends here, I do hope someone takes in to consideration what I've written above. 


Have a good one!

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They new web player used to work on my computers... but was severly lacking features.  Last week, it would stop randomly or not play at all.  This week, the web player doesn't work on any of my three computers (using chrome).  



Spottify is now the reason I am using amazon prime music... I still want to come back, but I cannot get sound from Spottify anymore.  I'll give up trying soon, as it seems you've given up caring.  You had a product that worked, please roll it back.