[Web Player] Remove tab limit

Please remove that annyoing

   --- SNIP ---

So you've discovered the tab limit...
You've got too many tabs open. Close this one and continue listening.

    --- SNAP ---


I try to discover new band and instead of that, Spotify is blocking me. So how shall I discover and enjoy fresh music, if Spotify blocks tabs. Thank for nothing!





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Updated on 2018-11-27

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Hi there. Have you finally been able to download the app?


The same here. So annoyingly. 

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there is a heinous bug in this functionality, once that error appears about having too many tabs, even if you close all the tabs and log out and log back in again, the error still shows and you can no longer use spotify, this is completely ridiculous, i am amazed that they can let a humungous bug like this stay around.


the only solution is to either install the desktop spotify app or use the spotify app on a mobile device then the error goes away on the desktop web browser version. what a huge pain in the **bleep**.


my all songs gone i cant listen them now ;(


i'm a premium user, firefox/linux.


i absolutely agree with OP. this new "feature" is... annoying, to put it mildly. what is the point of the web client if we can't use it? example: i only have *one* additional tab open right now. *that* is considered as reaching the limit. a little bit too extreme, isn't it?


here's the problem that has so suddenly appeared. all of those "web browser" multiple instances are my one web browser. which i open and close every day.


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@Luffy2 if you have mistakenly deleted your playlist, you can still recover it. Go to ACCOUNT OVERVIEW window, select RECOVER PLAYLISTS, then use the RESTORE button to restore your playlist.


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The solution described in this community post, https://community.spotify.com/t5/Other-Partners-Web-Player-etc/So-you-ve-discovered-the-tab-limit/td..., will not work for me.  I don't have an app on my computer which is Linux.


I am unable to listen to any music on spotify.com.


I actually installed the "app" on my phone and it helped for a little while.  The problem has absolutely nothing to do with the browser or the browser cache.  It's something that only the "app" can fix...  The browser software apparently does not "know how" to fix it. 


So if you don't run the "app" once in a while, which I don't, then the problem continues, as it does now for me.  I've moved on to youtube.com.  spotify.com simply does _not work_.  duh!!!


I keep checking back, but it still does not work.


open spotify.com , goto Account Overview -> Click on Sign Out Everywhere . you're good to go.