[Web Player] Select Sorting Options for the Library

Hi guys,


I've already asked for support in this topic: and a moderator suggested me to submit it as a "new idea".

I'm a free-spotify user, and I'm using the web browser from a windows 10 laptop computer.

The problem, basically, is that in the web browser albums and artists are no longer sorted in alphabetical order, and if I want to play a specific album finding it is not trivial. Just take a look at the attached picture and you'll figure out easily.

Right now, albums and artists are sorted ascending from "last added". I understand that maybe someone would find this organization "useful" or "brilliant", so my idea is either to revert to the old alphabetical organization or to give an option to select the way we'd like albums or artists to be sorted.

It shouldn't be difficult to do it.


Before someone asks: I know that the desktop app works fine, but I haven't got the possibility to install software on my computer.


Updated on 2018-09-22

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


This is really stupid that spotify cant put this so small but groundbreaking feature in the stupid web player like im using chromebook and everything is based on working with the web or some apps are in the playstore but the spotify android app doesnt work at all with my asus chromebook has intel proseccor i gues that not optimized for chromebooks thats why i want that small feature for the web player 😕 please add it allready its 2020 and its not implemented... cmoon every music streaming service has that feature on the web player too but spotify doesnt...;(


I don't think it's a complex feature to be implemented. Please, Spotify!


Even if we just changed the default to be alphabetical instead of by date added? I also use the web player on my work computer because I am can only allowed to install certain things. I just switched from Google music but may be regretting that decision 😞


I've been checking back for years to see if Spotify is getting a clue about this.  My guess is they are trying to FORCE us to install their desktop app instead of using the web interface. (They get payoff from the big data powers with their app interface that they can't with browsers.)  They fail to realize some of us have constraints on our company laptops, desktops, etc.  Either that, or they are letting the developers rule the roost, and they care less about user experience than keeping lazy developers happy.  Yes I am a 10+ year user and an subscriber most of that time.


I've come back to Spotify and I see there's no ability to sort Artists alphabetically via the web player... You've gotta be kidding me!