[Windows] Universal App for Windows 10 (UWP)



Posting this now so that when Windows 10 realeses for lots of devices it would be great to have an spotify app from the beginnning this time!

Miss the Spotify app on my Surface and on my xbox and the app on WP 8.1 is a bit laggy..


Updated on 2018-10-05

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With Windows 10 coming in a few months and offering a unified operating system across all devices, I think that it is time more than ever to consider developing a Universal app.


I understand that the Win32 app will need to be maintaned for previous versions of Windows, but consider the marketshare. All Windows 7 and 8.x (non-business) users will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10. One universal Spotify application for PCs, Phones and Xbox will probably be the best! :)


Spotify now is the time start supporting the new windows


I'm a reasonably new subscriber... Joined in Dec. But as a Windows user (PC, Phone, Xbox One and Surface RT) I gotta wonder about Spotifys efforts in supporting the Windows platform. Kudo's for the recent WP app update being the exception. I want a quality experience for my subscription on all my devices. Windows 10 universal app model is Spotify's way to deliver.... Get on it! We don't want another 2 years worth of bitching, moaning, pleading... and dammit! ..alright... outright begging. 

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A universal Spotify app for Windows 10 and Xbox would make me so happy :D


Spotify on Desktop is a great app but I feel like the UI could be a little refined : there is too much things on the current desktop version. Maybe a Windows 10 universal app could be more similar to Spotify for iPad. It would be great and likely to be used by millon of Windows Users across all their devices (with Windows 10 of course). 




Very dissapointed in Spotify.


Why bring out an app for windows 8.1 phone and then no support for connect?

I hope it will be fixed in windows 10.









I really hope that there will be a universal app. Otherwise I'll have to grab the integrated music service, which is already running much better under Windows 10 than under WP 8.1.

The desktop app right now is perfect, but the smartphone Apps are somehow slow, especially on Windows Phone.


Universal APP with connect !!!!!:womanmad:


If this actually happen I will be so happy it. Windows 10 universal apps as the name tells will resolve an universal problem with everything Microsoft related. The opportunity to steal the market of music (and now video) streaming services for Microsoft's platform is in open to be claimed. The first company that releases a truly universal approach for supporting the most used desktop OS and its mobile versions will be my pick to where my monthly money will go.


I truly hope that company is Spotify. Windows 10 is the future of the desktop for sure and hopefully its mobile variant, adopt it first and you will get the market.


Unfortunately as I see they are upgrading the current desktop app constantly I like Spotify has already made a decision to not support an universal app. Having two separate apps for Windows desktop and Window Phone (Windows Mobile) will once again make it that the phone version is constantly being left behind for the new features etc. Make an universal app that shares the code and features out of the box and you will make many customers very happy and willing to stay with your service otherwise you will once again piss off many users.