[Windows] Universal App for Windows 10 (UWP)



Posting this now so that when Windows 10 realeses for lots of devices it would be great to have an spotify app from the beginnning this time!

Miss the Spotify app on my Surface and on my xbox and the app on WP 8.1 is a bit laggy..


Updated on 2018-10-05

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We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any more info on right now. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.



The download music files have an extension   .files  - that is apple configuration. I need windows music configuration and so that I can load the music to a music player (non apple). I can hear the music okay if not downloaded to my PC.


The download music files , to Windows 10 PC, have an extension   .files  - that is apple configuration. I need windows music configuration and so that I can load the music to a music player (non apple). I can hear the music okay if not downloaded to my PC.

Take a look at Xpotify on the Windows Store with modern UI. Spotify dev teams should take note.

I'd like to see a Universal Windows app too because the current Windows 10 mobile app is buggy.

Loved to see that day.

This app was just released in the past week. Works on mobile and PC. Not a Spotify built app, but is UWP. Works pretty well, but is still on beta, so keep your expectations in check, but should continue to improve. Does not allow for song download, but I'm not sure any third party app will have access to that. We shall see.



Xpotify is great and I would use it all the time, but since it uses the Web API the sound quality is noticeably worse than the official desktop client.


I don't know how long they are going to wait until they make a UWP version. Windows 10 market share is very high, and all other OS versions can be phased out. Just give the Win 7 (and older) users the current client, stop updating it. When they are still using a very outdated OS they aren't interested in new features (or performance for that matter) anyway. Or go the PWA route, but please keep the performance in mind.


The current UI animates at 15fps at best.  Large playlist are a pain. Using Spotify on a touchscreen even more so.

Yes I've tried turning hardware acceleration off! It doesn't fix anything! Your code is just bad! Time to admit that.


Please kill the hot garbage that is Electron. I've never used any electron software that I'd consider responsive or fast.

That's fantastic news, thank's a lot 🙂

I saw that it is build for arm as well, may I ask you to do the same job
as well for the surface RT (which is ARM), but haven't

any posibility to get Win 10 on it, only 8.1 is supported.

That would help all SURFACE RT owner, to have a touch with modern life
again :------)

I'll never understand, that a Microsoft Product, like SURFACE RT, isn't
able to get WIN 10 on it.

That's a real stable and modern hardware. The touch is working well and
the resolution of the screen is perfect.

I use it for music play, to look youtube, email, and develop HTTP, CSS, JAVA

regards Thomas
Music Fan

Spotimo also there as a new client.

In beta. Early days for it (no artist section) BUT its ahead of xpotify in a few ways:

Pull up full screen artist art

Hide left side menu.


Essentialy they are recreating the old Groove UI - its very Nice


They are planning access to cloud storage of own music. 

Hope they get offline play.

I wonder if they can implement download album 


I just bought a Lumina 950 and ive had it about 2 days. Here are all the errors that I found,  if the spotify team is actually interested in keeping support -


  • The playlists wont load very fast and sometimes it says 'There's nothing to show here' but if you wait about ten seconds it shows up with the songs in your playlist, seems like a ram issue.
  • The search atrist option doesnt show me any results when i type the artist and i spelled it correctly. This seems like a memory issue too.
  • You cant add a song to another playlist when offline
  • There's no way to check the previous / next song. A a view history / view cue button would be cool.
  • When you're adding a song to a playlist it doesnt tell you when you're adding duplicate songs.
  • You can't sort a playlist
  • The app doesn't have an EQ. Usually they will add a button that goes to the default equaliser on the device.
  • No crossfade options
  • Sometimes the app stops but doesn't crash. The buttons stop working and seldomly it even stops the music. The only way to fix it without restarting the phone is to keep tapping the back button until it backs out of the app. Then re-open it. Its usually when youre online and browsing for music with spotify, but if you browse with Microsoft Edge browser there's no issue with freezing spotify and it runs like a champ.

I think that windows makes a much more stable OS to run spotify on, it wouldnt be forgotten if we got updated. thnx