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Apple Music has this neat feature that allows users to edit track metadata for all tracks added to the user's library. This is most useful for putting custom artwork for albums or removing (Deluxe) or (Remastered) tags on albums, and removing parentheses in track titles. This feature is also useful for scrobbling with Last.fm, a feature that is not built into Apple Music. Custom artwork for albums is a popular feature on Apple as fans can use their fan-made artwork in screenshots.


Being able to edit track and album metadata on Spotify would be great for people like me who love to micro-manage their music library.

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Updated on 2021-06-15

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Music Fan

and if you can edit meta data, make the most important data available for filtering & ordering; like year released and genre


I would really love this feature. As someone that likes tracking their listening history, it would help when there's projects with different metadata when they're actually the same (ex: Deluxe versions, remasters...). I have even considered switching to Apple Music to be able to do so:)

Casual Listener

And also please, implement the album genre! 

Casual Listener

This is the one and only feature I want from Spotify, it would change the game and allow so much more customization to our preference as a listener which is something Spotify say they care for loads.


This feature might make me subscribe to the service again


pretty please.. I'd LOVE this feature. as someone who uses last.fm having accurate / correct metadata is and has always been really important to me. I also listen to a lot of Japanese and Korean music and even though I can speak and read both since I don't pay with a Jap. or Kor.-issued credit card I often get transliterated album/artist/track names which I really don't like. since there isn't an option to display the content in multiple preferred languages irrespective of territory this feature would make up for it. 


Yes please! Would love to be able to scrobble from Spotify without all the extra tags, typos, or downright wrong artist names.


absolutely love that Apple Music has this feature, we need it here on Spotify too. Even if it's just on desktop. 


please update soon! we need this!


I would like to have a nicer library on Spotify. For many years, I was a collector of CDs. I have my CDs in a right order, sorted by the artists, years, countries and genres. And I always liked to make a copies of them to my PC. And I spent a lot of hours to create the most autistically correct library possible - with data I took from cover arts and official websites. It just made me really happy and relaxed to listen to the music and see, that everything is in order - as it should be. And then, Spotify came to my life. The amount of content is incredible and I love it, but... Everyday I see something wrong there. I just can't stand a music library with incorrect metadata! I know I'm a specific person - but I am not alone. Sometimes I just really need to change that one little mistake of somebody, who just didn't care. Please, give us the option to change it! To make the world a better place, that our souls can relax in peace.

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