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[Your Library] [Filter] Add an option to sort/view music by BMP


A useful feature for the people that go out running would be an option to view and sort/search  music based on beats per minute (BMP), either in "My Music" or overall in Spotify.

I am aware that there are different public Playlists based on bpm, but i'm still feeling a lack of possibility to view/sort music that i personally prefer by bmp.
What do you guys think?


Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


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To make that clear, I wanter to share a prioritization as a roadmap:


1) Adding BPM feature of any track and make that visible as a column, which can be sortable in a playlist/search. 

2) Adding a filter for BPM with “<“ and “>” operators in order to limit track speed within playlist/play queue/playlist radio etc. which will be displayed in search results/playlists.
3) Create “Discover Weekly”, “Song Radio” or “Playlist Radio” with an option of BPM filtering, which is asked prior to Play. This feature may be switched on/off in application settings.


Think the above covers everyone’s including mines features asked regarding BPM.


Curious and cannot wait for an update!






Any update on this? Spotify needs to add an Edit Columns option and then have a dropdown selection of available fields such as BPM (and Genre, etc.). Simple really. Why it's taking years to get this feature in Spotify is a little bewildering. It would not clutter the interface for standard users, as they'd only see more columns if they chose to.


lol, I think this idea was first submitted for my 21st party. At the rate that Spotify seems to be working on this, it might be ready for my retirement party. I'm not holding my breath, the motivation doesn't seem to be there to release this feature.


I've been working on this little tool, that lets you sort by BPM, as well as a number of other Spotify Metrics, it's not exactly what you've suggested but might be worth a look:



Very good idea !


In order to better mix music within personal and shared playlists, I think a feature to measure BPM within a song and order them on lower/higher would help enhance the playlist creation process under the custom order selector in the right side of the playlist header.


This would make the playlist creation process more collaborative and engage users by getting them to spend more time on the app and carefully select/curate their music selections. Furthermore, this would be somewhat of a workaround to Spotify revoking 3rd party access for users.


My idea came about, while riding my bike, listening to one of my biker playlists, which has faster and slower songs on it. I was intending to take my time and ride easy, so some of the songs didn't fit the particular ride that I was going for. I'm suggesting that there be a quickly accessed setting (near the play and shuffle buttons), to select (and deselect) modes that would play either the slower or faster songs in playlists, splitting them into either two or three categories of speed. 


This function is also super helpful for those who do dancesport which has strict tempo requirements - when teaching/ learning we use tracks with a slower tempo, when building stamina for competitions we use tracks with slightly faster tempo. Instead of manually checking BPM on a third-party app and arranging a playlist from slowest to fastest - knowing the BPM at a glance would be a game changer!


I listen to dance music and hiphop. I also have a family. I can’t really use Release Radar as often as I’d like, because I don’t really want my kids listening to hiphop (pretty vulgar). 

It would be awesome to be able to sort RR by genre, or bpm (beats per min). Or - maybe separate RR’s by genre. 


Both would be fairly easy to implement and would be a solid boost to usability. 


I would like to see the song's BPM on a playlist. Currently the columns have album, day added and duration. I think day added adds zero value, that could be dropped altogether. It doesn't matter at all when the song is added.

Reason for BPM: I play and teach the drums, and been building playlists for students for years. It would help to be able to sort songs by BPM more easily.

Other people who benefits from this: Everyone playing music and for example doing running or similar activity, where there's tempo practice. So runner wants to choose their pace and best way is to choose songs that are in that tempo. This feature would help runners find more songs for their practice pace easier.

Bonus: Show the song's time signature as well somewhere. Would help to find specific time signature songs to practice along too.