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[Your Library] Order/sort albums by release date/year

Now that the original release year should be available please add an option to the new album view to use it for sorting.



there could be options for at least:





There could be some kind of subtle separator where the artist changes when listing the album covers. Also the release year should be shown in the album images.

Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this Idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll continue passing along your feedback to the right teams.


If we have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in with a new status.




Wow, since 2014 Spotify has had this issue and not done anything about it!?

Although "real music-lovers" prefer listening to a complete album from a specific year...

It does take a lot of time looking for the right album -and get the chronology right, when it is blurred by casual Spotify release-dates and not actual album-release-dates.

Why on earth is this so difficult to programme, when so many paying subscribers want it???


there are 2 closed cases who asked the same : voters from this group should vote on the other too, perhaps then they will change their mind  : [Playlists] Sort by Release Date - Page 13 - The Spotify Community


Come spotify:  allowing Albums to be sorted by Date should be SUCH as simple change.  This idea has many votes and has been around since 2014!!!

I keep switching to Tidal just because it annoys me so much that I can't look at Van Morrison albums in my library (there are a lot) by Release Date.


Wow - this suggestion was made 8 years ago, and it took Spotify another 4 years to say "not right now".  Yet people are still asking for the same trivial feature in other posts, and are being referred back here.


Some of the discussion here seems to be going into the finer points of playlist sorting, but the request is really just for a simple Album-level sort.  So... Spotify already knows what year each album was released, as it's in each album's metadata.  But they can't figure out how to sort those albums by release date?  Apple Music can do it.


Sorry, Spotify, I'm not impressed...


They CAN do this trivial enhancement, they just don't give a **bleep**.


First of all, Spotify spent some 100 million dollars on Joe Rogan, narrowing its budget for more useful purposes. Moreover, the release years shown by Spotify are often CD release years, not those of the original vinyl albums from before the CD era.


I was about to post this idea myself, but I saw there have been A LOT of requests for doing this over the years, which is a bummer because it then seems it will never be implemented.


I am writing here anyways to show my support, as this would be a very nice addition to the sort function in playlists.


Why I thought of this:

My friends and I are going to a concert soon (Season of Trance in Oslo), so I made a playlist with the songs of the artists that are performing. When I added the songs I wanted, it ended up being songs from each artist in chunks, and for each new artist, the newest song on the top, and the oldest on the bottom. The experience when listening through these 13hrs of songs would be waaay better if all the songs were sorted by release date, as the sound changes over time for many artists, hence this would take you through the decades.


I am also thinking of either looking for a custom program that uses the API to do this sorting or making a program that can sort it myself.


This is my list if anybody is interested: 


Thank you Spotify, for a great listening experience


It's 2022 and this basic feature is still missing. Apple had it on iTunes two decades ago... A deal breaker for me.


status : RIGHT NOW please ! 

I am so over seeing people make the same suggestion for years and this still isn’t implemented. PLEASE Spotify just do it.