[Your Library] Remove individual track from saved album

I don’t know when this change was made, but today I noticed that when I am looking through my saved music library by album, there are songs I specifically did not save for a reason, whether that be because it is a re-released song from a previous album I already have saved, or a song I just don’t like that I don’t want to play when I’m listening through an album. This change gives us way less control over our own saved music library. Please change it back. 

Updated on 2019-09-18

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We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Wow, I didn't know the outrage has spread so far and wide.

If they wanted to encourage streaming of new and different music, they could have implemented it in a way that didn't destroy the massive libraries of all their loyal, paying, legacy customers.

@mike_b1  Wow, that's a great explanation! I see what Spotify were going for now, but the way they implemented it IMO is horrible and I doubt it will make people listen to more new music. Spotify, there's a difference between higlighting a feature and making us jump through hoops to get to the stuff we want - when the "new music" features stand in between you and the music you want to listen to atm, they just become background noise. When was the last time you intentionally clicked on a pop up ad instead of dismissing it wihtout even seeing what it's about? If you want us to listen to more new music, then implement features that are less frustrating to use. E.g. when listening to an album, give me a few thumbnails underneath the title (song-row size) of similar albums. And instead of the autoplay feture which is global on/off, give me a pop-up after a playlist/album finishes asking if I want to continue listening to similar music. I guarantee you you will get more positive responses then forcing users to decide between always having autoplay and never having it. The main reason I turn off autoplay is becuase it's annoying when I'm listening to music in order to fall asleep - I would actually like to have it on otherwise. And since we're talking, I stoped listening to the Discover playlist becuase the songs kept repeating fairly often. So maybe, y'know, fix that before implementing new stuff nobody wants or needs.


I feel like this is a separate issue, but the idea I wanted to vote up was deemed to be the same as this one. The original poster, @GrawlixL, put it best:
"Albums will only show up in an all-or-nothing manner in your library: either you like the album and have all the tracks, or you only like one or some of the tracks, in which case Spotify hides it from you. This is especially bad for deluxe versions of albums, where a user might reasonably only want the studio mixes of the main tracks, and maybe some bonus tracks, but not a bunch of live versions, demos, rough cuts, etc.

Solution: show us partial albums, or at least make that a setting toggle in the options.


As for bands and artists, same thing. Our libraries were practically reset so we could "follow" bands and artists, even if they're literally dead.

Solution: show us any bands and artists we have in our library, or at least be able to toggle that in settings. We can still follow artists as an extra feature to get updates, or move them to the top of the list as kind of an extra "like.""


This has effectively significantly reduced my library, and I'm not about to scroll through every single song I've ever saved to find the one I'm looking for. This is the single most basic functionality I ask for from any software I'm using to manage my music. If Spotify wants to update itself out of being the place where my main library lives, I'll gladly take my money somewhere else and use Spotify as radio, with the ads on mute.




Hey, thanks for that!


I will say that I've come around a little on following artists. On the one hand, it does let us prune our Artists tab of artists that we don't want to scroll through because we only like a song of theirs. On the other... well, there's still a TON dumb about it.


  • First, the implementation **bleep** up literally every single user's library. That's insane, and would be a firable offense at any competent company.
  • Second, opting out of following artists would be way more convenient. The tab would work exactly the same as it did before, but give us an option to trim it down. It would be less steps for most users, who just want to follow artists automatically. The fact that it's opting into base-line functionality is stupid.

But hey, that's just my inexpert opinion. If Spotify wants to correct me and explain why it actually makes sense, or what their goals even are anymore, they're free to start actually interacting with the community instead of being vague and dismissive when they're not absent entirely.


Also, the album view is still completely messed up, and there's no reason for them to have ever gotten rid of the songs tab.


That is, unless they're trying to push you into exploring new music through custom playlists and whatever, but to do that by making the library worse is such a blunder.


I got 6 months of free service because I tried to reach out to Spotify to see what they're even doing anymore. After that, they stopped responding. It's clearly just trying to get people to shut up. Right now, I don't see any reason to let this go, or to keep giving them money, whether through subscriptions or ad-supported listening.


Switch to a competitor.

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„Marked as New idea“ lol it‘s an old feature that actually made me switch to Spotify and now they removed it with the recent update that everyone hates (but they don’t give a **bleep** as they proved by closing down the most popular „idea“ with over 5000 upvotes that wanted the old UI back).

If these customer-hating geniuses won‘t at least reimplement THIS idea/old feature, then I‘m leaving for good.


This is by FAR my biggest gripe with the new spotify update as it stands. Honestly insufferable. I have 50-song "expanded editions" downloaded because normal versions of the albums arent available

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I think that's the artist choice. There's nothing spotify can do about this. 

Some artists, like u2, add both album editions on spotify.




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Yes spotify can do something about this.


Just go back to the old way of saving albums and I can do it myself.


I'm really fed up with Spotify taking back features without asking, for no good User Experience reason, and without even having to update the app. I stopped updating because the last time I did I lost the touch preview I used daily. And now without updating I cant even find my songs in the album section, I really hate this 


I think they need to change this as well it is really annoying to save the whole album and not just a few songs