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[Your Library] Remove individual track from saved album

I don’t know when this change was made, but today I noticed that when I am looking through my saved music library by album, there are songs I specifically did not save for a reason, whether that be because it is a re-released song from a previous album I already have saved, or a song I just don’t like that I don’t want to play when I’m listening through an album. This change gives us way less control over our own saved music library. Please change it back. 

Updated on 2019-09-18

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




@rene01 When I hit the 10,000 song limit a few years ago my research showed each song counts as 1, obviously, and each album counted a 1 as well. So, a ten song album used 11 spots (album + 10 songs). I don't see how removing all songs and just liking albums will help if this is still how it works.


Now that's just wrong. Ugh.


@user-removed this is indeed still true. But why liking the songs of an album? It depends of course how you want to use the library. But for me I only want to save albums and playlists, not songs. When spotify migrated to the new library, they added all your saved songs to liked songs and all the albums you saved to liked albums. I just removed all the liked songs which gived me the opportunity to save 10.000 albums, which is more than I need, 2000/3000 will do I think for me.





just wanted to make my support clear for this, even though it seems like there is no intention to fix it, but I had to re organize my library in order to listen to albums again, by unfollowing any artist if i didnt want their full album, only liking specific songs, and unsaving every full album, and then getting to these modified albums by going to the artists tab.I feel like this isnt the smoothest UI interface to simply remove songs from saved albums, and has lead to me unfollowing a ton of artists and unsaving every whole album. i would appreciate it if the "remove from album" button was added back, as I wouldnt have had to do any of this if the option wasnt removed in the ui update


Hi @jakebroulette,

Did you know there is an option to unlike all songs of an album on mobile.





Hello @Rene01 yes I did, unfortunatly unliked songs arnt removed from the album if your viewing the album under the albums  tab, as one might assume your intended to listen to albums. fortunatly, unliked songs are removed from the albums under the artist tab when viewing the albums from there. this would be perfectly fine, (although very much a workaround where theer used to be a single button) but on the windows PC app, it will play the entire album no matter what tab you use, so its annoying on PC.  thanks for the reply



Your are saying that you see individual songs from the album tab and you don't see individual songs when you come from the artist tab? I think it's the other way around.






What he says is correct. We can create a partial album under the Artists tab but you can't have a partial album under the Album tab. The album won't even show up under the Album tab if we only have a partial album under the Artists tab. So confusing. Liking an entire album so it will show up under the album tab forces all songs to then be listed under the same album in the Artists tab....even if I only 'hearted' some of the songs. So annoying.


I see, thank you for clarifying. I agree this is very confusing.





Why is this marked as a new idea? It used to be present and was removed for some reason, like more and more useful features