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[Your Music] Add LOCAL FILES to Your Music

First of, I'm a huge fan of the new layout. 


But as the title says I'd like to add my own beloved local files to the "Your Music". I don't see why this shouldn't be a possibilty. This way I don't need to have one master playlist, I can just have all the music I like under "Your Music -> Songs".


Also, as suggested earlier, changing the font size could be usable to many people.

Updated on 2022-07-14

Hey everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.

Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

In the meantime there's a workaround we can suggest to ultimately get Local Files added to your Liked Songs on a mobile device:

First, add your personal music collection using the recently updated Local Files feature (Android/Desktop how toiOS how to) where they'll appear in Local Files. You can then add them to your playlists. Just right click > add to playlist.


Once your track is discovered on your mobile app, Once your track is discovered on your mobile app, you'll be able to tap the heart icon to add it to your Liked Songs as you would any other track. Keep in mind, that it is currently not possible to add Local Files to Liked Songs on the desktop app.

We know it's not ideal, but hope that it will be useful for some of you.

If there are any new updates, rest assured we'll let you know,





I have created this account to pile onto to the requests of wanting this feature. Also the ability to import album art. I love to scroll through my albums in the Your Music section but I am missing all my mixtapes. Alternate: put mixtapes up on Spotify! Please at least tell us when this will be done


Hi, I'm also waiting for this feature.

This si the only problem that prevents me to subscribe to the Service.


So it's been nearly 6 months now since this feature was requested and honestly between the 3333 offline song limit, and the total lack of support for offline file organization, Spotify is becoming less likely to keep me as a paying customer. One of the main places I use Spotify is communting many hours a week, and the 3g data connection is too dodgy to keep Spotfiy alive during the commute. We need either a higher cap, or decent support for the upload of my own songs that I've paid for.


Is there any kind of ball park date for local file organization yet?


Hi! Any updates about this request? I'm also looking forward to this improvement! Bye!


Bump. Super important, sort of defeats the purpose of "Your Music" if it's not all there!


Spotift does not have every song and will never have every song. Lots of stuff I listen to is from local bands and from friends. Mixtapes/etc. This stuff will never be in the catalogue.




Bump - this is really a must. I regularly stumble on missing albums or missing artists that I cannot stream and have no choice but to buy the MP3s and have them local.


How hasn't this been implemented yet?!


We were able to "star" local files in the old Spotify and then you guys forced the "Your Music" thing on us and now we can't do something as basic as add a local track back into what you forced us to replace our "Starred" lists with?


If you change users over to a new system, surely a critical foundation – upon which to build the new system – would consist of the same basic features we got used to in the previous version.


I have been a Premium user for...I don't know, something like 5-6 years now.  I have done nothing but sing your praises and convert friends of mine into Spotify users, but lately you guys have been dropping the ball.


Less and less worth the $10/month price tag, especially when I have so much locally stored music of my own to begin with.


I wholeheartedly think this should be implemented, or at least be an option (checkbox for "show local files in Songs"). That said, I found a workaround. I hope Spotify doesn't see this and think "Okay, there's a way around it, so no point actually adding the feature", no, you guys should still implement the actual functionality here.


But if you want to play all your songs and all your local files, you can toss everything into a playlist. Not a perfect workaround since you have to update them every time you add/remove songs, but it's something, especially if you don't change around your stuff too often. If you have a ton of local files and run into the 10k limit that I've seen people complain about, you can put everything into a Playlist Folder and just play the folder itself. Admittedly I haven't tested this myself, but I know you can play straight from the Folder instead of a specific playlist. If the 10k limit is still there, then it's an issue with Spotify's queueing system itself, and they'll probably need to work out some fixes there too.




It's been SEVEN months since this thread was started. Any updates Spotify ?!?!?


Like so many others have already said : This is a basic type of functionality, and is one which will determine if I continue to subscribe or not.


I think Spotify needs to bite the bullet and adopt Googles approach and allow people to upload their music collections.

They have a 20,000 track limit for each user and you dont even need to subscrib to get it 🙂


This would allow so much of what people have mentioned in this thread 🙂