[Your Music] Add LOCAL FILES to Your Music

First of, I'm a huge fan of the new layout. 


But as the title says I'd like to add my own beloved local files to the "Your Music". I don't see why this shouldn't be a possibilty. This way I don't need to have one master playlist, I can just have all the music I like under "Your Music -> Songs".


Also, as suggested earlier, changing the font size could be usable to many people.

Updated on 2018-08-28

Hi everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We don't have plans to add Local Files to your music right now, so we're marking this as a 'Not Right Now'.

Rest assured we'll continue to check out the feedback here, and if there are any updates we'll let you know.




Simply put: give us a totally seamless integration of local files and subscribed albums/songs in "your music" or whichever name you choose ... Call it "the bucket" and I don't care, I'm here for the functionality, not the marketing.


I mean: ONE container, with all items displayed (album covers and so on), searchable and playable exactly the same way.


I'm a long time music passionate, and I have a personal collection of hundreds of CDs, which majority is unavailable on spotify. So ATM I'm using iTunes (and iPhone Music app) to listen to my ripped own stuff, and spotify for all the rest. Sounds like a no-brainer to anyone? It's not impossible, iTunes does that exceptionally well.


This is THE ONLY aspect that actually prevents me from subscribing.

Please let us add local files to our music. Please please please it would make this app even better for everyone
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Rock Star 10

I'll be so glad to see this implemented, and as far as I know it's still a planned feature. For me, it's the biggest omission from Your Music at the moment. I hope it will be as simple to sync local albums to mobile as it is to sync playlists and albums from the catalog.

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I'm currently a Google Play Music All Access Subscriber, and I'm now testing Spotify Premium to evaluate if I change services. This is the main point that makes me think if it's worth it. On Google Play the music you import is fully integrated with the library, you don't even need to download it, it will go to the cloud with all other music

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Rock Star 10
There are still plans to integrate local music into Your Music as far as I'm aware, but how that's going to be done exactly hasn't been revealed. Unfortunately, progress has been rather slow in this area.

Yes thx, I'm have music that is not available in Spotify in my local files, only. 

So what I would love to do is getting these in the search as it would be music from Spotify.



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Please Spotify.


This is basic, very basic stuff. Please implement this feature. Be my new favorite music application second to Winamp. You're almost there.


Please please please implement this!