[Your Music] Add & Remove Content separately (Artist, Album, Songs)

I am really enjoying the new update that I received earlier today that adds the "Your Music" area to Spotify, but I would like to throw out some ideas to help make the feature more enjoyable.


While using the new + feature to add songs to the songs list in the "Your Music" area I noticed that it also adds the artist and the album to their respected areas. You should be able to remove an album and/or artist from their list without it removing that specific song from it's list. This feature should be implemented for the song, artist, and album section.


If I click the new + symbol on the song: "Bun B - Get Throwed", it will add it to the song, artist, and album list in the new "Your Music" section.


If I remove that song from the "song" list in the "Your Music" area it will remove the song from the artist and album list as well.
If I remove that album from the "album" list in the "Your Music" area it will remove the song and artist list as well.

If I remove that artist from the "artist" list in the "Your Music" area it will remove the song and album list as well.


I should be able to edit and arrange these individual list to my liking. If I want a "Bun B" track in my song list, but not in my album and artist list I should have the ability to do so.

Updated on 2017-10-25

Hey folks! We just want to let you know we still think this is a good idea and we're continuing to investigate this on our end. As soon as we have any news around this we will let you know here. Thanks again--your feedback here in the Exchange is so important to us. 

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Marked as new idea and edited the title to make it clearer and easier to find via search. ;)


The described functionality is exactly what i want.

Frankly, at the moment i hardly see the point of the separate categories within the collection.

As it is, i find myself still using the "following" page, and the starred list because the collection does not provide me any useful organization beyond the "bookmarking" of albums that i used to do via playlists.


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Yes! This is exactly the way it should work. All sections of Your Music should be independent on each other. That's the only way that makes sense.


This is EXACTLY what we need. Right now all of the playlists (artist, album, song) do the same thing and have all of the same songs. They're just showing us a different view of our collection, that makes no sense. They should be seperate entities that work together but also are independent from one another. 


+1 to that. And it would be great to categorize albums into genres at least or just give us total freedom of the structure (like folders)

Glad everyone else agrees. Thanks for feedback on my idea.
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Great! This could potentially solve a lot of things!


I posted a suggestion related to this one, before I found this post. It's also about separating Songs and Albums, but in a slightly different manner. I'm however fine with having Artists as a collection of all artists behind those songs and albums. (The idea of manually picking artists is already fullfilled in the "Follow"-function in my opinion).


Now I'm not commenting here to say any idea is better or worse, that's not the point. My ambition is just for Spotify to fix this issue with the best possible idea (or mix of ideas) so that we all can enjoy a great service. Mine's here if anyone's interestes in pushing these kinds of ideas forward:


Came on here to suggest this but looks like someone already has. Your Music would be a huge improvement on the starred list if it let you build three entirely seperate lists but atm its clunky.


Particularly annoying is the fact that if I save an album it automatically saves each track from it. I like the idea of saving albums but I would rather keep using the saved track list as starred list and obviously that isn't going to work if it gets cluttered every time I save an album.


That's exactly the thing I need :)

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