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[Your Music] Creating "Collections" of Albums

I have an idea that could make using Spotify better for people who put a lot of effort into managing their music libraries (and for everyone else as well).


Collections menu in Your LibraryCollections menu in Your Library


The idea is simple: Being able to create collections or lists of whole albums. Of course you could just add albums to regular playlists but then it just adds the songs separately, which is messy, so you can't easily see which or how many albums are there in the list or checking if there are missing songs.


You can add and remove whole albums to collections, much like songs to playlistsYou can add and remove whole albums to collections, much like songs to playlists


By having album collections we could easily see which albums are added to them and it would make it quicker to select certain albums for downloading by toggling the download button of a collection containing them. We could also re-order the list of albums quicker than re-ordering a simple playlist of consecutive albums broken down to songs.


This would also make it possible to listen to certain albums in a specific or even random order without having to add every album to the queue one by one.


You can download/un-download every album in the collection with one tap, you can also either play the albums in order or shuffle them, or even shuffle all songs within the albumsYou can download/un-download every album in the collection with one tap, you can also either play the albums in order or shuffle them, or even shuffle all songs within the albumsAdding or removing albums from collectionsAdding or removing albums from collections


Updated on 2018-10-03

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' for the time being, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll continue to pass these along to the right teams.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Great idea! 


That is an absolute necessary.


great idea, the managing in Spotify is not really good now. (I tried to manage the songs/albums via Playlists/Folders/Subfolders, and it worked (somehow, but not great) two years (i think, but im not qute sure) ago even on  Android (there was a shuffle Button in the Folder View, but after one "update" this button went missing 😞 )

Some good managing-tools like this is something I really miss in Spotify.

I have one (small?) additition to this idea:

That you can manage both, albums and playlists, inside these collections, not "just" albums (and maybe Collections too). So e.g. you have a collection 'Metal' with collections 'Metallica' and 'Iron Maiden' plus a playlist 'favourite metalcorestuff' and 'best Power-Metal'. In 'Metallica' there are all albums and maybe a playlist with the Favourite stuff and so on. And with the 'shuffle albums' funktion playlists are 'used as albums' (playing the songs in playlist-order and then jumbing to the next album) and maybe if there is the same album in different subcollections it should be handled as if there was this album just one time in the complete collection.


Please Spotify add somthing like the collections or at least a better playlist and album management.





Cool! And even already with the UI for the developers. They can start immediately. 😎


I guess this forum exists just to prevent Spotify from a real customer support. I am sure no one of Spotify is really interested in the ideas brought up here..

Good idea. But there is a problem: If spotify does not remove the limit of 10K songs in "Your Library", this idea will not help.

This collection of albums has to be independent of "Your Library", due to that stupid limit. The other option is the increase in the number of songs allowed in "Your Library".

There is a simpler option. A real library, itunes style, and without limits. But spotify does not want something like that.


Good point @user-removed - Spotify has to decide if they want to target the market of "power collectors". A small amount in percentage of users but once you have them, leaving will be an immense effort for them. While people start considering streaming as the default way of listening to music, Spotify has a big chance to become more than a nice listening add-on.


Yes please let's have collections of albums. I came across this this thread searching 'how to...' in google. I'm frustrated to find out its not possible. 


I found a "small" solution, hope it helps you a little. As far as I can see it is just working with the pc, not with mobile devices. On the PC interface (I am using the app, not the browser) you have a side bar on the left where you can navigate (artists, podcasts, playlists etc...). The point is: Under Playlists you can create playlist folders and then move playlist into it (just grab a playlist with the mouse and pull it to another playlist).

The steps: you first create an empty playlist folder (name it like you want). Then you go to an album that you would like to place there. Go to the options of that album and create a NEW playlist. Now on the left side there should be two playlists: the empty folder and the album. Now just pull the album over and thats it.


Interesting idea! I wouldn't make another feature though, but improve existing playlists to support whole albums instead of separate songs.