[Your Music] Creating "Collections" of Albums

I have an idea that could make using Spotify better for people who put a lot of effort into managing their music libraries (and for everyone else as well).


Collections menu in Your LibraryCollections menu in Your Library


The idea is simple: Being able to create collections or lists of whole albums. Of course you could just add albums to regular playlists but then it just adds the songs separately, which is messy, so you can't easily see which or how many albums are there in the list or checking if there are missing songs.


You can add and remove whole albums to collections, much like songs to playlistsYou can add and remove whole albums to collections, much like songs to playlists


By having album collections we could easily see which albums are added to them and it would make it quicker to select certain albums for downloading by toggling the download button of a collection containing them. We could also re-order the list of albums quicker than re-ordering a simple playlist of consecutive albums broken down to songs.


This would also make it possible to listen to certain albums in a specific or even random order without having to add every album to the queue one by one.


You can download/un-download every album in the collection with one tap, you can also either play the albums in order or shuffle them, or even shuffle all songs within the albumsYou can download/un-download every album in the collection with one tap, you can also either play the albums in order or shuffle them, or even shuffle all songs within the albumsAdding or removing albums from collectionsAdding or removing albums from collections


Updated on 2018-10-03

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' for the time being, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll continue to pass these along to the right teams.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




I'm going to quit Spotify if anyone of the other streaming services offer this kind of feature.


Does anyone know if any of the others has features beyond the (for me) useless playlists?

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Not yet, I’ll be changing with you when someone does.##- Please type your
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This is a very important feature. I was about to create my own ticket for it. 

This is all ok with the small library but once it scales up -> it's very difficult to listen to the proper music you currently want when you have all those different genres, soundtracks etc. in your library.


it's basically a natural process in the evolution of media. Because there is an infinete mass of media to consume, sub-media becomes necessary. Like a TV guide. Currently Spotify is trying to be their own sub-media by making recommandations and personal mixtapes, but for listeners with their own music taste, this is not the right solutions.


btw how many songs are there on Spotify, I wonder?


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Yes please, we need better album management and this would be the perfect work around for the queue when I want to stack a series of albums for the work day or a road trip.


 I also like to listen to whole albums and have a huge collection. I would realy love that feature! I hope that Spotify listens to at least this one feature request!


So far my experience with Spotify reacting to customers wishes is very bad. Or does anyone realy know of any feature request that has been implemented by Spotify? Spotify is great and I use it a lot but the user interface is just not good and doesn't seem to improve...


I've been missing this feature soooo much! 

Actually I am about to explore Deezer or Google, or Apple Music in order to see if this feature is already implemented.

Just for it I would change my account!!!! 🙂

I can not imagine how "smart" are user interface designers at Spotify if they think this is not a necessary feature.


Please let me know, if you find better alternatives 🙂

I just want to say that Apple Music already has this feature on desktop. Create a playlist and add albums to that playlist. Then go to View -> View As -> Albums. Hopefully this helps some of you. This is a major thing for me and I've given up waiting on Spotify to implement this. It's the biggest reason why I made the move over to Apple Music.


Any option to organize albums would be greatly appreciated. It is very apparent that Spotify is not interested in this kind of self organisation but it would surely bind more people to the platform.


I own about 200 CDs, most of them are on Spotify and I could free up space in my living room. But if I add all of them to the album list I would not be able to find anything.