[Your Music] Folder Organization

Currently, folder creation is limited to playlists. This makes the "Save to Your Music" functionality within Spotify unusable -- a major drag when the only alternative is to save albums as playlists, creating album v. playlist ambiguity within the navbar (see attached image.)


Proposed solution -- as a Spotify user, I should be able to:

  • create folders within the “Albums” tab of "Your Music."
  • nest "Albums" folders within one another. 
  • drag-and-drop "Saved" album objects into the folders within "Albums" section of "Your Music."

I wrote about this scope in more detail here.

albumplaylist amiguity in spotify navbar.png
Updated: 2017-01-17

Hey folks, I've had a chat with the Desktop team about this idea. While we are thinking of different ways to curate your saved music we don't have plans for folders at the moment. If this changes or if we have any news around Your Music organization then we'll let you all know here in the Community. Thanks!


To Spotify:

I don't need your playlists. I have never listened to discover weekly or whatever personalized playlists your algorithm made for me. I also don't need Spotify to show me new music I might like, i get that from friends recccomendations nd from reading music blogs and magazines. I am aware that your investment in making personalized playlists is useful for 90% of the listens who just want some kind of soundtrack to go to the gym or have dinner with friends, and it is more profitable to invest in that kind of public (it's the majority of it). 

So, not letting users (who listen in an album-oriented way) to organize their saved albums: will it compromise your business model that much? Do you think that users who listens to your personalized playlists will stop doing so if they are able to organize their saved music collection?


This is really important to me, i just can't stand having my "saved albums" in such a mess. Also, is there I way i can ask for Spotify directly about this? Like some customer service? or will this message be forgotten forever? How about other streaming platforms?

Thanks so much

Casual Listener

@BertFMacklin wrote:

Is this possible in other streaming services? Because I will abandon spotify and join the first one that allows this to be done.

It can be done with Roon Labs, a 3rd-party service used in conjunction with TIDAL, Qobuz, and/or music files (MP3, FLAC, etc) on your local network.  Roon allows any number of rich tags to be assigned to saved albums, which means you can categorize them in any way desired (e.g. "dinner-party jazz", "teenage nostalgia", "Pitchfork recommends this", "guilty pleasures").


Unfortunately Roon is not cheap ($119 USD/year or $499 USD lifetime) and will not work with Spotify (because Spotify refuses to allow integration with Roon).


But if Spotify ever does implement a personal album categorization system, I hope they rip off Roon's rich tagging because it's **bleep** good!


absurd.  it's a simple addition.  being able to organize albums, just as one might organize CDs on a shelf, is basic.