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[Your Music] Make 'Your Music' offline on Desktop

This is a follow up of the idea: Ability to make "Your Music" offline


The issue is that on the desktop client, you cannot save music from "Your Library" offline at all, you must create a playlist.




Spotify Desktop (Your Music)


Notice that there's no way to make that particular album in "Your Music" available offline.


Yet on my Android client, I see a Download option near this album to make it available Offline:


Android (Your Music)



The only items that present such an option on the desktop client are playlists as shown below:


Desktop (Playlists)



On iTunes (Apple Music) however, I can make anything available offline on my desktop:


iTunes (My Music)



This for me is the biggest problem with Spotify and why I'm currently an Apple Music subscriber.  In general, the desktop client lags behind features on the mobile clients which are actually far better.


There are many more examples of differences that I can demonstrate, but this is the most important.


The ability to make My Music available offline on mobiles appeared more than a year ago.  Can we please have this and further differences addressed on the desktop client soon?




Updated on 2019-04-08

Hi everyone!


We've spoken to the team and they still think is a good idea. As there aren't any immediate plans to implement it, we'll still be keeping the status as 'Good Idea' for now. 


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.



Music Fan

As a stop gap solution, if you have the All Checked Playlist, you can choose the "Available Offline" Option there.

Could help depending on how you've been building your library. 

Casual Listener

I could have sworn I used to be able to tag albums in the desktop client for offline listening on my phone, but apparently not. This was a killer feature for Rdio, but we all know how that turned out. I guess I just haven't been using Spotify enough to notice the feature was missing until I wanted to sync something before a run this morning.


The Spotify team is too busy 'innovating' by launching anti-trust actions against Apple to have any resources left to make their service better and not need anti-trust suits in the first place 😞 This is just getting silly.




We need this. I save a music, after that this track is being offline on my phone but desktop...
This is emergency.

(Sorry for my english, i still learning) 😞


Please make this a thing. Its very annoying having to add all your music to a playlist, then make that available offline on desktop when on mobile you can simply make all your saved music available offline. Makes no sence.

Casual Listener

Unacceptable and pathetic.


I've been following this thread for years...and I came back to congratulate the Spotify team on being a useless piece of s**t.


Wow please do this already.


I need this function too, pleeasee spotify, make this happen!


It almost been a year on this. This is a basic feature in all of the mobile apps and is on the desktop for playlists why is it not for "Your Music"? Any comment from Spotify?

Music Fan

I use Spotify mostly on my Android phone, so when taking my laptop out to do some work I naturally went to the desired album and searched for the Available Offline button - none there! Further research has brought me here.


I have been a Premium user for more than two years now and some of the software's logicI still cannot comprehend (eg. total lack of reasonable control over the Queue) - or this!


Why would ANYONE design the app like this and (even more illogically) differently than the same functionality for a different platform? I have my albums in the Albums section. I do not need or want their duplicates in the Playlist section, this is insane! Saving an album as a Playlist and then being able to make it available offline is a very transparent workaround, covering up some serious programmatical lameness!


I wonder where the Spotify UX "designers" store their toilet paper if not in the bathroom?

Not applicable

Years later and we have nothing on this. Not coold guys