[Your Music] Make 'Your Music' offline on Desktop

This is a follow up of the idea: Ability to make "Your Music" offline


The issue is that on the desktop client, you cannot save music from "Your Library" offline at all, you must create a playlist.




Spotify Desktop (Your Music)


Notice that there's no way to make that particular album in "Your Music" available offline.


Yet on my Android client, I see a Download option near this album to make it available Offline:


Android (Your Music)



The only items that present such an option on the desktop client are playlists as shown below:


Desktop (Playlists)



On iTunes (Apple Music) however, I can make anything available offline on my desktop:


iTunes (My Music)



This for me is the biggest problem with Spotify and why I'm currently an Apple Music subscriber.  In general, the desktop client lags behind features on the mobile clients which are actually far better.


There are many more examples of differences that I can demonstrate, but this is the most important.


The ability to make My Music available offline on mobiles appeared more than a year ago.  Can we please have this and further differences addressed on the desktop client soon?




Updated on 2021-03-26

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback.


We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen very soon, so we're looking into it further.


You can take a look at our Newsroom article and this blog to learn more about our new desktop app and its features.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


So here i im with no internet service at my house. I am tethering my laptop thru my phone to get music. However Spotify being unable to download songs to my desktop (which has a 3.5mm plug unlike every new phone designed by children) is creating a problem. So in order to save myself downloading the same stream over and over it's looking like piracy is the way to go. Who exactly is benefiting from this? Spotify is basically inviting piracy. 


Also in case anyone doesn't know.. if you download a DAW like REAPER. You can record songs from Spotify just like a tape from the radio. Sucks and it's a pain in the ass but thats life when you subscribe to Spotify. 


It's been 4 years and this is still not implemented consistently like I cannot download albums. I don't know what functionality is being focused on right now but this is the single biggest miss for me on the desktop app and I am sure a lot of other users feel the same way. A consistent experience across platforms is also an expectation I have from any modern digital service and this violates that - I think Spotify should work on getting that right as well across the board - regardless of which feature is being requested.


Be really nice to charge my phone and listen to music at home. Oh wait im not on itunes im on spotify. Never mind all the computers sitting around, they just wont work because its just too hard to code. Its 2020, hire someone that can do the job at hand or give up. 

Music Fan

Its been  a good idea for about 5 years on various threads, Just implement it for goodness sake. Spotify is so slow. Your promises are meaningless.


So sick of rubbish desktop app,

Music Fan

@Smith84kd or you could download software that will do it for you, like tunefab spotify music converter.

Not that I would endorse it of course, but it seems a good way to get music into a player that work, like Groove music on windows desktop.

Ironic that MS music service shut down when it was so far ahead of spotify in terms of the software and UI. Just waaay better.


YES please! Also, this should most definitely apply to podcasts. 


Until now is been considering as a good idea? ... I really would like they put the option to download an album and be able to listen it in offline mode. Now always, anywhere we have internet connection. 



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so, here we are 5 years after this post, 6 years after simialr on another thread.


So pathetic


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You have my vote, I've wanted to be able to download 'Your Music' on desktop too. Best wishes on getting this implemented. 🙂 

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