[Your Music] Order albums by release date

Hi Community,

I think it would be nice, in our personal library, to sort the albums by the release date. All music lovers love to create their playlists based on specific periods of their lives, trying to reconstruct moments and sensations experienced in a specific year, or based on the "decades" listened.

Look at the picture


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Updated on 2019-02-18

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.
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Great idea. It would be so useful!


AGREED! For Nostalgia 


I'd love to see this added as an option as I kind of do this already myself however manually 

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I think it would be a good idea, if it was one of many ways to sort music and whatnot.

Hey Spotify please do this!


This is how I typically listen to albums on Spotify. Start in an era I like, then continue to next albums, in date release order. Would LOVE this feature.

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Love this idea so much that I originally suggested it before being notified it was a duplicate of this 😄

I think its the closest thing to time travel we'll ever have!


How is this a "new idea"? There are threads requesting this going back YEARS!