[Your Music] Organize "YOUR MUSIC" by GENRE

I like the new update where you can save music into the "YOUR MUSIC" group where it sorts music by song, album, and artist. There should also be another filter. GENRE. I listen to all different genres but there are times when I want to listen to only one type of music.

Updated on 2018-10-26

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I went through the trouble of creating my account to comment on this suggestion. I use Spotify frequently. I love Kanye West, AND Tom Petty, AND Clifford Brown, AND Luke Brian – however, these songs have no place next to each other in a Shuffle. Especially when I’m at the gym or in an Uber on the way to the bar.  Having to create a playlist just to enjoy your fave genre in your library is a tragedy. At the very least let there be generic genre filters. Then, use user feedback to refine and enhance. 


Yea it seems spotify does simply not care about their users needs. I mean they got all this money and they cant even fix the shuffle function in years or add simple  genre sorting even though the metadata is available in every song... Its not that hard. 


I'm pretty surprised that Spotify doesn't have some version of this feature already. As someone who listens to classical and jazz (among other things) I tend to listen by album, so I don't really want to have to organize everything into playlists--but I also find it unhelpful to have to sift through a list of saved albums that include Bach, Bjork, Miles Davis, and Mendelson. It's one of the reaons I still keep going back to my itunes library, in which things can be easily sifted out by genre.  

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I would absolutely love if this was possible. 

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42 pages of posts requesting this since 2014!!!

This has to be done soon - Sorting by Genre is absolutely necessary!


Is there any update for this? 


Asking on behalf of thousands of users.




Just to add to the plethora of comments saying they want this.

I too would love this function to be available!

For real.. that would be amazing.




Great idea!


This is crazy that this has been requested for over 5 years and still Spotify hasn't made any type of implementation.  I work for a software company, specifally QA testing and analyst.  We have had 3 total refreshes of an app we developed over just the last 3 years.  So what Spotify is saying is that, they don't either care or have the team to implement a small query feature in the app.  Let me stop, I'm getting upset just thinking of the incompetence of the dev team they have. 

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Or you can select all Explicit songs in a 'group' to review before deleting some of them.

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Please enable us to sort by more columns... GENRE/BPM are a must.....

People have been asking for this since 2012.... !!!


Could you at least provide a comment on the matter?