[Your Music] Organize "YOUR MUSIC" by GENRE

I like the new update where you can save music into the "YOUR MUSIC" group where it sorts music by song, album, and artist. There should also be another filter. GENRE. I listen to all different genres but there are times when I want to listen to only one type of music.

Updated on 2018-10-26

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Yes, PLEASE do this for us power users.  I have collected hundreds of albums in Spotify, but I currently keep just the first track in playlists that I have defined, like Early Baroque, Female Singer-Songwriter, World-Slavic.  I want to combine the convenience of an album cover view with the ability to classify my albums as I define them.

Music Fan

I have wanted this for years!
I propose a solution to the possible problem with genre tagging.
Spotify could provide a genre tag which users could click a column/tab named 'Genre' to organize their list such as is done when clicking the 'Artist' tag.

In addition, Spotify could add a column/tab named  'User' under which users could add a tag of their own. Users would have the freedom of using this cell for a custom genre or any other tag they'd wish to add and be able to organize their lists with keywords familiar and convenient for them. 

Spotify could allow users to suggest an edit via a button on the song, album or artist pages. They could add a right-click cascade entry for suggesting an edit to song, album or artist. This would greatly enrich the quality of Spotify's product. 

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WHERE is the Genre Filter ??????  MY God , it is essential .  Since the Genre  is clearly shown in the Info of a track.


Sorting by Album ? .   Come on .   What is an Album in the Music industry nowadays anyway ? 


Spotify , you are offering 25mio songs in your library .  and making your users handling tenthousands of Music Tracks in their library . and you think they can handle them by sorting per album ?  come on .......



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I agree with this post.  Even with XBOX music you can sort your playlists and music by Genre.  I am considering a switch back to XBOX music as Spotify and XBOX music keep leap frogging over each other.


As a paying customer, I want to see an extra column in my playlists for #genre. This way I can sort an listen to the type my mood is up for at the moment, even when I have  multiple genres in my starred list. As previously stated it would be nice if the songs where automatically filled with this information but also allow you the option to change the genre you feel it better belongs to.


this is an absolutely paramount feature. please add it, it shouldn't be hard considering that songs on spotify are already categorized into genres…


I can't believe this feature is not implemented yet. With iTunes I used genres heavily to filter my collection based on my mood. For example "Modern Classical" is great for studying, while "Big Beat" is great for motivation. And yes I know we have the mood playlists. But they don't work on my collection!


Not having genres in "your music" is pretty bad.

Casual Listener

I really miss this functinality, because its becomming mess when you have many artists just in one list. And even better just to add ability to create custom filters/tabs to have ability to create "Genres" by myself.

I agree that we need this feature very much but I would like to see it added to the artist page so that it navigates as such: Genre-Artist-Album-Song. Please do not add another seperate column for this as we already have two useless columns since the Artist page makes the song and album pages unnecessary already.

yes! yes! a million times yes!