[Your Music] Organize "YOUR MUSIC" by GENRE

I like the new update where you can save music into the "YOUR MUSIC" group where it sorts music by song, album, and artist. There should also be another filter. GENRE. I listen to all different genres but there are times when I want to listen to only one type of music.

Updated on 2018-10-26

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Posted four years ago and still very relevant. I know my friends and I would love being able to sort our music by genre! Please implement this!


Spotify is my very favorite, daily used music app, and it has been for years now, but if there is one thing that DAILY annoys me about Spotify it is that listening to my music by genre is NOT AN OPTION. I have even switched apps for a while in the past and loved that this option is available in other music apps! Please Spotify, you're a fantastic music app, but if you want to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, PLEAAAASE add a listen to your music by genre option!! I would die of happiness!!! 





Simple put, one of the best ideas ever. It is hard to believe such a great idea, after 4 years, was still in the purgatory. We need you Spotify developers team! 😉


Hi spotify team, this has been in the requests (other posts) for years... any update ? (This should be on the mobile app as well).

in the meantime, the only way to Sort by genre is to create a playlist for each album, and sort lists in folders titled by genre. I suppose i’m not the only one who inherited this habit from good old mp3 folders habits...and cds before that... and tape before that.... did you never sort your music by genre ? It’s a natural way to organize it. Thanks for moving on this.


This is really going to be a good feature in any time, but specially when you are travelling by car and want to reach, right the way, for a genre o music on the go.


Why has this option not been added? Just give us an option to add other columns. It's been asked by and voted up for 6+ years.


Casual Listener

when is this going to happen?




Please greenlight this idea. Need it badly in my playlists.



Team Spotify!


This is the ONE thing that is missing! I want to listen to curated playlists, follow artists, get new stuff by your algorithms... all to feed "my music"! And when I don't want to explore, when I just want to listen, that's when I want to go to "my music" and choose the genre, not the artist or anything else. I am either in "rock" mode or in "hip-hop" mode or I want to hit some electronic music.


Help your people and bring this 5y old wish to reality! I mean, what else do you have those community boards for if you don't listen to your customers 😉


Best, Peter