[Your Music] Organize "YOUR MUSIC" by GENRE

I like the new update where you can save music into the "YOUR MUSIC" group where it sorts music by song, album, and artist. There should also be another filter. GENRE. I listen to all different genres but there are times when I want to listen to only one type of music.

Updated on 2018-10-26

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I’m pretty sure they know all of this. The thing probably is that they don’t see value in allocating the resources to satisfy current users. The only way this really changes is if people start leaving and going over to Apple Music. When the statistics shift, the managers will then allow the engineers to implement these type of changes. They are more focused on adding cliche stuff (video artwork, behind the lyrics, etc. ). They believe as a company this type of gimmicky functions and bells and whistles will drive growth. I literally have about 1400 individual songs from about 25 genres on my phone and I’m forced to go through them and make individual playlist. I was with both Apple Music and Spotify for many years and recently left Apple because I like the discovery on Spotify better. However, I’m starting to regret it because of something so simple as a genre filter. 

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I am leaving for AM. Tired of this **bleep**.
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Amen to all of the above.... ! Spotify just dont seem interested in fixing the basic things that would improve their service... Instead they waste their time of Lyics and videos... which no 1 really cares about..

Hey SPOTIFY - Why dont you listen to what we are telling you... the interface needs more sort options FFS!! Otherwise you end up with heaps of playlists that you cant sort through...  And the download limit has to be removed!!!

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Pleeease do this !!!!!!


9 months later and it's still not an option....

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9 months??!?!?! lol, if you search back far enough you will see people have been asking for this since 2013!!!!


Spotify do not seem to care. Might be time to move to apple!

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Any updates ? only add Order by !!! haha

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@Mcoops  apple supports this filter ?? 


Please implement the genre feature! The whole point of Spotify is to find new music so I add a ton of bands to my library.


The sheer number of artists makes it sooooo difficult to find something later because there's so much to sift through and I can't remember the names of the artists. I often find myself just giving up when searching for someone in particular but a genre would definitely be a shortcut to finding them. 


I would even like to assign genres to artists in my library. Maybe make up my own genres. 


Please do this. It will help me find what I'm looking for! 


I had the same Idea, I have multiple playlists with all kinds of genres mixed, but it would be nice to be able to organize the playlist so you can listen to specific genres within the playlist. That would be awsome, especially when you have a playlist with more than 600 tracks!

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