[Your Music] Organize "YOUR MUSIC" by GENRE

I like the new update where you can save music into the "YOUR MUSIC" group where it sorts music by song, album, and artist. There should also be another filter. GENRE. I listen to all different genres but there are times when I want to listen to only one type of music.

Updated on 2018-10-26

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Been waiting for this since before the original post, considering transferring to a different streaming service if I don't get it by summer, almost all other straming services have the genre and year the album came out


HOW is the not a feature on the biggest streaming service in the world. I'm trying a 3 month trial and wow are there big holes in the user experience. Please add sort be genre, artist view of only the songs i've saved, offline view of artists i've saved, a way to view all songs instead of having to make a playlist. These are all such basic features, I just don't get it..i'll switch back to google play music that has all these features.


Please please please please please. This would definitely improve my quality of life. I would love to be able to organize my music by genre. It would also make our Spotify Wrapped better because I know Folk-pop was my number one, but which artists are folk-pop? I have no idea. Organization by genre would be such a help for more reasons than one.

@spotify have been begged for Sorting By Genre for over 2 years now and they refuse to offer this option. It’s a stupid mistake on their part as although they are currently market leaders, ignoring such a basic function is bound to bite them eventually, especially when their competitors figure out this shortfall.

@spotify, can you PLEASE explain why you are ignoring this basic request???
Casual Listener

So many people have been asking for this (myself included) for years and year and years.

Search the forums back to 2014!!! its mentioned over and over

They just keep closing the idea off... 


So they either dont care or they cant do it..

Regrettably, @spotify don’t care. Just look at how many pages of entires there are on this topic.

The mistake of not listening to their customers will cost @spotify their market dominance.

@spotify, would you care to comment???


This is originally from 2014! The last comment from Spotify is from 2018... is there any improvement planned or did Spotify stop development?

@spotify have no interest in listening to this simple request. 4 years of paying customers begging for a really simple genre sorting option that pretty nearly every other online music system offers.

Shame on @spotify.

There has not been any visible or tangible improvement on this subject.
Organizing songs by genre should be a free feature Spotify provides. The
ability to vote on the genre of a song would be an interesting feature or a
song that has multiple genres having those listed. Please implement genre
labels/the ability to sort all music/likes into genre playlists into the
average, free, spotify user's account.
We, the paying customers, have been asking, actually BEGGING, for this from @spotify for 4 years now.

@spotify have no interest in doing this and just ignore pages and pages of requests for this from us users.

This is crazy as the music listed on Spotify must have some sort of genre coding in the metadata and the proof of this is the fact that the service offers up other artists that the user may like.

I remind @spotify that a company that doesn’t listen to their paying customers tends to not do well over time.