[Your Music] Remove Duplicated Songs

I have recently discovered that if I press Heart in my Daily Mix song and I have pressed plus in the artist page. Songs appear as duplicates in my songs folder. Can there be feature that if I have liked the song already in the artist page, the same song that I will encounter in Daily Mix will already have this heart "on", so it will not put the duplicate in songs list. I do have short memory and I sometimes wonder that did I already "liked" the song on Daily Mix or artist page and now I'm having these duplicates.


And those Collection songs that are Already same as the ones in normal album, can those duplicates have been removed as well? 


I have the Premium subscriber for a while and I still Love Spotify so much :D

Updated on 2018-08-29

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 When I save a cd from a band in my mobile app and than after, when I open my desktop app, this cd doesn't shows as saved. So if I click on save button, my playlist of the artist shows this cd duplicate. I believe that this is a bug and you should take a look at this. 

Casual Listener

This would be invaluable as I've been a premium member since day one, and since I've been saving music for that long, I keep hitting their bogus 8,000 saved song library limit. I know there are a ton of duplicates saved in my library, and if I was able to review duplicate saves and select the one I'd like to keep, I could remove all the rest and free up space to save more music. I understand this isn't high on Spotify's list of priorities because in a capitalist society, that which doesn't move the revenue needle is not deemed important, but please think about your long time users. 


I agree, this is very frustrating as I do not want duplicates in my library and as I have over 4000 songs I like to save space for songs I dont have . I have reported this so many times with a very basic reply saying the same thing


This needs sorting I dont want to ha e duplicates in my library it's such a basic function why do we not have it