[Your Music] Sort Music in "Your Music" by Year

Now that the original release year should be available please add an option to the new album view to use it for sorting.



there could be options for at least:





There could be some kind of subtle separator where the artist changes when listing the album covers. Also the release year should be shown in the album images.

Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,


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We're setting this Idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll continue passing along your feedback to the right teams.


If we have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in with a new status.




Hi is this on a road map?  I would love this feature, especially for artists with an extensive discography.


This shouldn't need to be voted into creation. This keeps me from making Spotify my only source for music. It is IMPOSSIBLE to organize my music into digestible chunks without being to sort by year. After all these years I find it hard to believe the tool has such limited options for columns to sort the music by.


Tldr; c'mon, Spotify. This is overdue. Seriously overdue. Please. Just. Do. It. I would give all my upvotes for five years just for you to do this one thing. 


I am soooo angry this hasn't been implemented. Like, heartbroken and confused and sad. Being able to see an artist's creations in the order they created them is so basic for any serious music fan, and this is such a basic type of request (sorting is a fundamental part of any content management system, and you already have sorting built in - you just won't add this field as an option to sort on), that I cannot fathom how this has been ignored. Another user posted a reference to bureaucracy. If there's another reason (not possible, I declare on behalf of all true music fans that there is nothing more important than this) could you at least, after four years and over 500 comments on this thread, give us *something*?! Say something!!! What is your plan for this? Please!

Music Fan
It is not adding. They took it away with the 10. Series. The sorting
function was in all previous versions! It has been several years and they
have no intention of bringing it back!

downloaded spotify for a trial today, considering using it instaed of apple music. probably wont because of this.

Casual Listener

i would like to be able to organize songs in spotify playlist by the year they were released

Casual Listener

Come on Spotify. 5 years and no sign of sorting by release date! This is inexcusable.  


Please do this. We need to be able to sort saved albums by release date. Why does Tidal do this and Spotify doesn’t yet?


Just moved back from TIDAL and this is a sorely missed feature.  I add a lot of stuff and sometimes its extremely useful to have it sorted by recently released.

Not to mention I just used a service to transfer all my TIDAL stuff over and now its a massive jumble!




To add to another request: another useful, although admittedly more niche, option I would benefit from is being able to sort my music based on beats per minute.


Danke x

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