[Your Music] Sort Music in "Your Music" by Year

Now that the original release year should be available please add an option to the new album view to use it for sorting.



there could be options for at least:





There could be some kind of subtle separator where the artist changes when listing the album covers. Also the release year should be shown in the album images.

Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this Idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll continue passing along your feedback to the right teams.


If we have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in with a new status.




This is a really essential feature for any collector of music. It would help make playlist building (Decade based / Year-End Lists / etc) much easier. It also helps you understand your music on a deeper level.


I really hope you reconsider in the near future. It's not difficult to implement and would make a lot of people happy! There's 600+ of us looking for this feature and hundreds of others who don't use this idea voting platform. It's really a basic and essential sorting capability. Once you build a decent sized library, sorting becomes SO IMPORTANT.


well put, we need this feature now! It really shouldn't be hard


Hi all,

I want to sort the musics in a playlist by release date, so I found this thread.

After looking into the Spotify API, I wrote this:


It runs on python3 and sort given playlist by release date. This cannot sort the musics in the whole"Your music" though, but it might do something similar.


Hope it helps!


Pretty unvelievable that this isnt a feature already. Spotify is becoming notorious for how poorly organized and unintuitive the ui is. A handful of small features like this that would help that problem immensly. 

Casual Listener

While we are at it, being able to sort by the last name of the artist would also be helpful, e.g. Leonard Cohen before Bruce Springsteen. For bands, the current sort order should obviously be maintained. Next level: artists's/band's albums to be sorted chronologically rather than alphabetically. I suppose many Spotify users used to organize their LPs and CDs this way.


it's mindblowing that a feature so simple has yet to be implemented after over FIVE YEARS of input. as great as spotify is for listening to your favorite music and finding new artists, it falls short on its ability to sort and filter as well as itunes, or even winamp, which is over two decades old. get it together, spotify.


I've been waiting for this feature to be implemented for almost 10 years now 🙂

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It’s pathetic. So much feedback and such a simple feature. If there is a service that offers this I will switch to it immediately.
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With the latest downgrade (Spotify call it an update) matters have got even worse. It used to be simple to omit a few less liked songs from an album. No longer so. Spotify seem determined to enforce their way of music consumption rather than allowing clients (such an outdated concept!) to enjoy and explore music in different ways. In fact, Spotify sole use remains exploring maybe a dozen albums at a time before deciding to acquire them or not, after which they can be "unliked". Horrible.


I would love to have this, as for some artists I have soooo many albums in my library, so it would be nice to sort them by release date and listen in order that way.

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