[Your Music] Spotify Wrapped: Releases the Statistics weekly

can there please be a wrapped but it counts the statistics weekly instead? 

that way you can check it whenever you would like, meaning you would know how much music you have listened to so far.

even in the corner next to the account name it could just have a button saying "year so far" then you dont have to go to the trouble of going to the website.


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Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

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That would be great.


Hey, i founf thisLink

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@MyNameIsSteve wrote:

Hey, i founf thisLink

What is that? It worked and was pretty cool, but what is it? Also, could you somehow send me a fresh link or show me how you attained that link? I would like to share it as well.


i listened to a lot of different types of music and artsists this year... but i listened to a lot of hamilton. i listened to so much that it took up 3 of my top artists! there was “original broadway cast”, “lin-manuel miranda”, and “leslie odum jr.”. i was really looking forward to seeing all of the different artists i listened to the most. hopefully this can be prevented later on.


Bom dia á todos,e parabéns,Spotyfi pela maravilhosa playlist,Wrapped,adorei

se eu foce,escolher as músicas,não agredito,que iria,ficar tão,boa canções maravilhosas

que faz parte,e esteve comigo este periodo,mais conseguir,selecionar não diria,mais uma vez

obrigado,á toda equipe,envolvida neste projeto,que muitos mais viram,abraços aos fã,que consegui,

durante este periodo,hoje esta completando,1 ano que faço parte,e ter enviado minhas músicas,obrigado,

aos maravilhosos ,ouvintes,que fizeram,e muitos que irão,fazer parte e crescer,dia a dia atenciosamente 

Walter Alves,sejam muito bem vindos um forte e um sincero abraço,um ótimo natal,e um ano com muita música...



I think this would be a great idea!


That's a very good idea that would put in the spotlight this amazing feature that Spotify is hidding instead of displaying more.

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Rock Star 14

It's a good idea, maybe not weekly but monthly.


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Thumbs up! Would definitely love that official stats gets updated more quickly!
But: In the meantime and until Spotify maybe decides to provide us with more statistics that gets updated more frequerntly can you use Last.fm

Last.fm has a lot of statistic features for Spotify, both weekly, monthly and yearly reports. It also has a lot of other stuff. 

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I'm listening to playlists monthly. There's a lot of new music I usually discover and listen to in the first half of December. 

The "2019 Wrapped" playlist is likely to be released in the beginning of the month. It means that a lot of songs won't be there - although they're gonna be in a heavy rotation in 2019.

Idea is to prepare the playlist 2-3 weeks later.

Is there a possibility to ask the system to prepare the playlist later on, ideally in the last week of the year? 

Or alternatively, a possibility to "update" the playlist as time will go by?