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heart button - view back (additional) & maybe "dislike" - button

Status: Live Idea

The new sorting function is great. Great working and helpful!


I love the weekly suggestions from Spotify (Mix of the Week). Because I often can't listen to them straight away, I collect the suggestions in an extra playlist for myself.

I love to listen to my "first-time-hearing"-playlist while driving, shopping, travelling by bus, etc. on my Smartphone. Tracks that I like get a heart...etc.  it's quick and easy. And it still works in my car 🙂


BUT: The heart is no longer displayed in the playlist viewed on the PC. Now I can no longer easily see which songs I have selected before, when I'm back at home on my PC. I have to laboriously call up each song, etc. And I often have several hundred songs in my "first-time-hearing"-playlist list...

The view of the "heart button" is very helpful to make quick pre-sorting easier. A dislike button would be just as helpful.