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[iOS] Airplay 2 Support for iOS

New idea for earlier closed ideas:



Experiencing delay with Spotify when streaming to multiple Airplay 2 devices. Works with Apple Music 

Updated on 2021-08-07

Hello everyone,


We apologize for any confusion we have caused. To clarify, Spotify will support Airplay 2. Please continue to use this thread to add your votes and comments.


We’ll post updates when they become available.


F this seriously.. No Airplay 2, no Homepod support (after 5 f years!!!), terrible app redesign, after last update search in playlist doesn't work, queue queues wrong songs! GJ Spotify... Transfering my playlists right now from Spotify to Apple Music and canceling my Spotify subscription.. BB ..!..


UPDATE: Canceled, no more money from my pocket for you.. 🙂


Any update on Airplay 2 ... last communication was 2021-08-07?


Spotify, are you sleeping? I canceled my subscription today and moved over to Apple Music.


I really we get airplay 2 support sooner than later. The only reason I’m still on Spotify right now is because of our family, Otherwise I would have switched back to Apple Music.


I’ve been on Spotify for over 10 years now, but lack of Airplay 2 support (when they promised it’ll be coming for years) and no lossless audio is making me question why I shouldn’t just switch over to Apple Music.


It really feels like Spotify doesn’t care about its users.


You know the funny part about this? I got a representative tell me to come here and leave a comment cause it’ll get them to add this feature sooner lol. I laughed at her response and told her that I’m leaving a 1 star on Apple App Store for this reason and the audacity of the representative telling me what she did. 


They don't care. They're rather whine on the internet that Apple is a monopoly and holding them back, which is laughable given they have more than 2x the number of paid subscribers as Apple Music, than do anything that is customer-centric. 


Could anyone from Spotify give us an update, it feels like they don't care at all


Goodbye Spotify. Your brand loyalty has run out.


Not ONE SINGLE FEATURE added to Spotify in the past 3 years has been of use to me.


No one cares about AI and magical unicorn music doobers. Spotify is nothing more than Winamp with a huge cloud library. That is the _ONLY_ value it brings.


Apple understands this and they will keep gaining market share because "The customer first and foremost wants to play music, anywhere, anytime and on the device they have available".


AirPlay2 is a fact - it's a standard used by all Mac/iOS/iPad/TvOs/AppleWatch users - and Spotify has ignored them for years without any update or reason(excuse) as to why they can't "play music, anywhere, anytime and on the device they have".

Seriously - fire your Product Owners and find some who will go back to basics and "ensure your users are delighted". It's Product Ownership, 101.


No one cares about AI and magical unicorn music doobers. Spotify is nothing more than Winamp with a huge cloud library. That is the _ONLY_ value it brings.



But instead they are going to put videos in your feed now. And some more social features. I’m sure that’ll change things 🤦‍♂️