[iOS] Apple Watch: Spotify Streaming and Offline Listening

Apple Watch: Offline Listening


watchOS 5 should allow Spotify to develop an app that allows offline listening and streaming via cellular data.


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Updated on 2018-11-10

Marked as a new idea and edited the title slightly :)

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Peter, give the people what they want :)


Offline upload songs from Spotify to Apple Watch is a must!!


Apple Watch/AirPod combine allows workout without carrying my iPhone.


But without ability to upload offline songs to Apple Watch from Spotify, rendor my AW/AirPod feature...  Apple Music can do this.


Hello everyone,


I was waiting for two years now for a possibility to explicitly not take the iPhone with when going for a jog with the Apple Watch. I don‘t know how many threads have been opened and premium customers have been begging for a watchOS app. For me, this is it. Got an Apple Watch Series 4. I am very satisfied with it and it works perfectly well with Apple Music. I am not willing to pay for two family accounts just because some people are not willing to solve this problem. What makes me even more angry is that obviously there have been 3rd party solutions that worked. For whatever reason, this has been stopped -> not acceptable for me. 


@spotify: I am done, canceling now. Greetings to Sweden (still wondering what has happened)

Oh man, that’s frustrating...

Is there an update here? It's extremely frustrating that I have to have my phone with me to enjoy Spotify on the apple watch. OS 5 has been out. Is there an estimated time when this will be corrected? Thank you!


It's been ages now since Apple Watch 4 came out and offline playback was one of the most anticipated features of it. You haven't managed to release something in 4 months that one person could in 2. You were even slower than Pandora that's only available in the US?! 

What's going on Spotify? Your Watch app is terrible and a disgrace to your company. I've been a loyal listener for years but this is making me choose other options. Just release a statement when or if the feature will ever come.


i was actually shocked this was not available when i got an apple watch 4 for christmas 2018. Please Spotify.. DONT MAKE ME HAVE TO GO TO Apple Music for music during my run!! Offline music for the Apple Watch MUST be in the next app update! PPLLEEAASSSEEEEE!!!!!


I keep hoping ev ery time there is an update to the Spotify app that streaming from the watch will be avaialbe... however it still hasn't happened... The most frustrating is that we don't even know when this will happen so we keep waiting for something that might never happen... If only I could get Pandora in my country,


Thanks for your responses, Peter.


Any news on when a Spotify update for the Apple Watch will be available that supports offline use? That would let us all run through the valleys and hills sans phone. Free as (almost) birds. I love my Spotify premium account and don't want to have to keep using Outcast to listen to my downloaded podcasts. I'd rather use Spotify! Thanks for any info. Cheers, --Josh


Hey @julystuart.


Thanks for your message!


We don't have any news about this yet, but we'll be sure to keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates.


Keep running, and stay awesome :)