[iOS] Move the 3-dot button back to the bottom of the screen

In the latest update on iOS, when I'm playing a song, the 3-dot "more" button was moved to the top. 


This button is one of the most useful buttons on the screen. When you press it, you can immediately add the song to a playlist, or go to the song's album, or go to the song's artist's page. 


Now that you've moved it way to the top, it's really difficult to reach it with my thumb if I'm holding my phone with one hand. Try holding an iPhone X or an iPhone XS with one hand, skipping through songs, and then adding them to a playlist as you go. You need to basically stretch your thumb to the top of the screen in order to reach that button now. I really do not understand the UX improvement of this at all. 


PLEASE move this back to the bottom of the screen so that it's convenient to press again. 







Updated on 2019-07-07

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I also wanted to add a pic to show what it used to look like. It was so perfectly placed, accessible, within reach. 





I agree. Also another suggestion is putting the repeat button back. Now its under the three dots which is annoying. I use that more than I use shuffle.

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it's not just an iOS problem

same thing in happens in the android app...

my phone keeps dropping on the floor trying to reach the 3 dots menu

stupid UI graphic designer that come up with this ridiculous idea

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Updated on 2019-07-07

Marked as new idea.