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[iOS] Option to use "Spatial Audio" on iOS 14 (AirPods Pro)

Apple recently made a update for AirPods Pro allowing spatial audio on iOS 14


I think we need this as an option for Spotify. 

Updated on 2021-06-15

Hey everyone,


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As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


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what is the latest status on this please? would you like us all to move to Apple Music? 


Well, I have recently bought AirPods Pro and Spatial Audio works perfectly with Spotify on iOS 15. 
So, why people do not want to update on iOS 15 and get that stunning feature? Really can’t understand 

Imho, Spotify will never add Spatial Audio support on iOS 14, just because it doesn’t have sense 


@Roma_Lysiuk What are you talking about? Spotify hasn't added support for Spatial audio for iOS 14 OR 15. What you're ACTUALLY using is "Spatialize Stereo". There is a HUGE difference between Spatial Audio and Spatialize Stereo, something that I think you're getting confused on, and unfortunately because iOS 15 now includes Spatialize Stereo as a native, OS-wide feature many people are thinking it's the same as Spatial Audio support.


Spatialize Stereo simply just adds head tracking to the left and right channels. It attempts to make non-spatial audio spatialized and does...okay at it. If you're listening to stereo audio from any app that doesn't support spatial audio already, then that option will appear. It's basically the same as if you put your phone in front of your head and started turning your head left and right. True Spatial Audio requires the app to support it, something Spotify has not done yet, and can be imagined as a room full of different instruments surrounding you with different heights, distances, and volumes. Spatial Audio allows audio to be placed in a spherical configuration around you. THAT'S what we're wanting with Spotify. Many apps already support this, such as Hulu. When you open Hulu and start listening to something, it'll give you the option for Spatial Audio instead of Spatialize Stereo with Spotify. If your app doesn't support Spatial Audio, Spatialize Stereo will appear instead.


Editing to add that Spatial Audio actually doesn't require Dolby Atmos, but they work well together. Spatial Audio just needs to be supported by the app, but Spotify must add that support. Dolby Atmos support doesn't automatically mean Spatial Audio support.


What we are asking for real Dolby atmos spatial audio and not the spatialize audio feature. This is the only thread on this, so the feature addition is not being asked for iOS14 only. 


@TerrorByte Spatialize Stereo is not simply adds head tracking to the left and right channels, It attempts to simulate Spatial Audio without the need for Dolby Atmos audio tracks. Spatialized Stereo also allows audio to be kinda in a spherical configuration around you, just without Dolby-tracks. 

Generally, the asking is only about supporting Dolby Atmos, which transforms Spatialize Stereo to Spatial Audio. 

You can clearly check the difference on Apple Music and the Dolby tracks (aka Spatial Audio) is not always better ones


@Roman_Lysiuk Well aware that Spatialize Stereo is simulated spatialized audio. In fact, my original comment says "It attempts to make non-spatial audio spatialized". I had Apple Music since release date and only recently ditched it because Spotify makes music discovery a little better. Using true Spatial Audio and Spatialized Stereo there is a huge difference. Dolby Atmos is just an audio technology. In doing more research, I found out that I was wrong and that Dolby Atmos is not required for Spatial Audio -- the app itself must support Spatial Audio. Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio are two completely separate technologies, and they can and do exist separately in many instances, however they function better when used together. Currently, Apple Music is the only music streaming services that supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. We are not asking for Dolby Atmos support, we are actually asking for Spatial Audio support. 


This thread was made in 2020. iOS 15 didn't exist yet, so of course the title is gonna say iOS 14. Maybe if Spotify would hurry up and implement these features that so many other apps already have then we wouldn't be waiting over a year and having to use old community threads.


Would be an amazing additional feature


Definitely think it would make the Spotify experience better! 

I've been using Spotify for years but this has gotten me to try out Apple Music.


Almost a year passed and no news? Why so long without constant communication about the idea?


I find myself more regularly weighing pros/cons of cancelling my spotify subscription to move over to apple music.  I've got years of liked songs, playlists, etc keeping me here but the listening difference is staggering.  I hope Spotify can prioritize this update to compete and retain long time customers.