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[iOS][Other] Clear now playing bar after end of a song/playlist

Status: New Suggestion

The bottom “now playing bar” stays after a song/playlist ends, is useless when there is nothing playing, please give us the option to remove it or remove it automatically if nothing is playing, I remember before we can remove it by logging out and logging in again but not anymore.

Updated on 2023-01-13

Marked as new suggestion.

Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2023-01-13

Marked as new suggestion.


I like being able to see the last song I listened to in the 'Now Playing' box, so wouldn't want it to disappear after a song finishes.  Also, when the app is re-opened, that 'Now Playing' still saves the last song you were listening to, which is potentially interesting or helpful. That said, I do agree that you should be able to swipe it away if nothing is playing.