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Bring back iMessage extension for Spotify. It was a feature heavily used by many of us and it is very ungrateful of you removing this while many ios users keep paying for a premium plan around the world.  I don't think it's such a big deal to keep supporting a small app for iMessage where you can share music with friends.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Updated on 2021-02-02

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This was removed, and we would simply like it back. Thank you



@elena This isn’t a new idea though? This is a feature that you added in 2016/2017 and for some reason decided to remove it.


Can we get an actual reason to why it was removed?

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@charliemodo i am pretty sure they just don’t like apple and decided to mess with us ios users


Please return the idea - it’s not old as it used to be there but was removed the versions back.


Doesn’t let me vote. Used this option constantly on my iPhone 6+ that I finally broke last week. Always made it easy to share music through messages. I think it should be brought back


I too would like to see it come back. Why take it away? This will make me switch to Apple Music. 


I can confirm that the Spotify iOS app version is still fully functional on iOS 14.4.5 with the iMessage widget working. It is as the last version of the app before Spotify removed the functionality.

     The iMessage widget is a separate piece of code, a ‘mini app’ that downloads with the main Spotify app and it is totally compatible with the latest iOS update and is still fully functional but Spotify has chosen to actively remove it. 
    Why would they choose to remove this functionality? I can only assume that because it makes the Apple messaging app more feature rich compared to Android messaging that it was removed to, in a small way remove some of the smooth functionality and integration of iOS products. I would like to think Spotify wouldn’t be so petty but what other reason can anyone suggest?

     Deezer still has an iMessage Widget, is cheaper than Spotify, carried the same amount of songs and provides a much higher bit rate option using the lossless flac format that can be utilised by the latest Bluetooth headphones that use the new AptX hi-res codecs and Sony’s ALAC codec. Spotify’s ancient (circa 2002) 320kbps MP3 “hi-fi” option is extremely low quality in comparison and lacks the dynamic range of its competitors hi-res formats. Tidal Master for examples uses bit rates nearing 2000kbps, The dynamic range from audio played at 24bit/192KHz is a joy to behold, you do need to use a cable to listen at this quality and a Tidal Master Family Plan can be had for £29.99TL, that’s £1.79 a month or about $1.50 for six family members.

      With such competition it does make one wonder why Spotify would go out of its way to alienate loyal, long term customers. I suspect they think they are too big to fail.  Deezer is making moves on the English Speaking market and Tidal is uniquely placed with its superior sound quality. Both services also provide tracks in Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format too.

     It really does spear that Spotify is showing contempt for its customers who are being penalised because of an apparent in-house grudge Spotify has with Apple. 
     Let’s not forget how MySpace, Napstar, Emule and other big name tech companies that were thought to be ‘unstoppable’ quickly fell from grace when they failed to listen and adjust to their customers needs.

   Let’s hope Spotify wakes up and smells the coffee before they become another entry in a Wikipedia article about the history of internet media streaming companies that crashed and burned.



Ummm.... clearly people want it back so bring it back. We spend enough for premium to have this simple feature. I expect it in the next update or in suing...jk but bring it back 🤦‍♂️