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[iOS] Siri Shortcuts Support


With the release of iOS 12, iPhone users can now utilize Shortcuts to make the most of their daily routines by automating tasks and steps in both native and third party apps. Currently, the extent to which Spotify can be utilized via Shortcuts is to simply Open App.



I wish to see more options and a wider scope of utility of Spotify in Shortcuts to the capacity of playing specific playlists when I leave my home, and adding the current song to a new custom playlist that I can name, or even copying a song link to a tweet. I know the Shortcut app would be capable of handling a workflow along those lines but it seems it would require a bit more generosity from the Spotify app.



Please note that this is NOT the same idea requested here considering that post is requesting for "Siri Integration" not "Shortcut Support". In addition, this idea is no longer an announcement as prefaced here and is now a public feature in iOS 12 as of Monday (9/17).


Updated on 2018-12-06

Hey folks, Spotify staff here.

We wanted to post an update as this idea has reached over 500 votes from our users.


We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.


We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance. The best place to keep an eye on is our blog for news updates about any such partnerships.


Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.


Why hasn't this been updated in three YEARS?!?!?! Seriously, shortcuts has come so far. I've had Spotify pretty much as long as I've had an iPhone but I am definitely inching my way towards Apple Music 


This is a must have feature!!!


I was hoping to be able to create a shortcut to turn on Private Session because getting there on the Spotify app is cumbersome and takes entirely too many taps and swipes.  The iPhone integration is pretty good so I was astonished to learn that we can't use Shortcuts to make the experience better.


Just got my Apple AirPods and noticed how bad Siri understands my spotify playlist commands. I thought to solve this with soms easy Shortcuts and found out Spotify does not support this. I've always been a Premium customer, but this makes me think of going to Apple Music...


This was needed a year ago, and still is now. For those of us with multiple iOS devices having the ability to custom command your music flow is vital. 

ex: “Play “artist” + “artist” playlist

Watch Scripts

Customizable Playback

Ease of Use (Voice)


Its not IF it should be, but WHEN iOS and Spotify will 


It's ridiculous it is still not being supported after years.

This is why people move to Apple Music or other service that has more integration.

I was just playing around with Shortcuts and Waze, now I'll have to use my AM subscription for that.

What a waste of potential here!!!


Possibly adding support for siri shortcuts such as playing certain albums or playlists through the shortcuts app on iOS.


Yes, please add this!


I consider switching back to Apple as well...


I really miss how much I can automate music playback. Once you get used to it...


I saw Spotify show up in the Shortcuts app for a short period of time and now it doesn't work anymore. Hopefully it's in testing and will eventually be released.


It showed shortcuts to start playing a few different playlists. To get it to show certain playlists you just play that playlist and a suggested creation of a shortcut to start playing that playlist appeared.