[iOS] Split Screen Support

It would be awesome if spotify could support the IOS 9 Multitask Split-Screen feature ...!!!

Updated on 2017-08-29

 Hey @86kanth thanks for coming to the Community with your idea. Right now we don't have any plans to support the iOS 9 Multitask Split-Screen feature. However I've flagged your request with the appropriate teams and they'll let us know if this changes. Thanks again and keep an eye here for any updates!

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Updated: 2015-10-15

Marked as new idea. You can learn more about the new iOS multitasking feature here.

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I like this idea alot


I thought there would be more support for this. I guess people change their iPads less frequently than phones and not that many people actually have split view yet.


It would be great for Spotify to support the feature.


Ditto on the necessity of this feature ;)

@86kanth wrote:

It would be awesome if spotify could support the IOS 9 Multitask Split-Screen feature ...!!!



It’s not possible to add votes. The section on the right is grayed out


Shocked this basic feature isn’t available yet. I’d encourage those affected to 1-star the iPad app to bring this issue to their attention.

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I feel like this is an essential feature. Please add this to your list of priorities: Spotify is an app that really really needs multitasking capabilities because I always use it while in other apps. It’s so unnecessary to have to switch back and forth between apps just to pick a song. 


I was also shocked that Spotify doesn’t support this basic feature! It is actually a must have for me as I am regularly using Spotify together with other apps... might have to look into Apple Music now... I don’t like apps that are not supported properly ! (this is nothing new in IOS11 so it should be implemented already )


iOS 11 and 2018 and still not implemented? Wow, how busy creating false artists you must be. 


Very sadly by spotify dev team to doesn't give any priority in this so BASIC feature for iPad & iOS11 users... time to switch to apple music?