[iOS][Your Music] Album Information in saved albums

Hi, I use the spotify app on my iOS phone and I save (not download) albums that I’d like to listen to eventually to my Spotify library. However it’s frustrating when I want to see how long an album is, but it doesn’t tell me the album length unless I click “go to album”, despite the whole album being there in my library. I’d like saved albums to show their length so it’s easier for me to pick an album that I’ll have enough time to listen to, rather then going through a bunch of steps just to see the length. Really, when you go to the album’s page itself you see the date it was released, the time, and the artist (with easy access to the artist’s page) and I think saved albums should do the same.

The first image attatched shows how a saved album looks when I click on it. The second is after I go to the designated album page, as if I had looked it up or accessed it from the artist’s page. The third image shows the information that can only be accessed from the designated album page, when NOT accessed from my Spotify library. Note that there is no option to swipe and see any of this info in the first image.


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Updated on 2019-02-22

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And now they removed that info as well, and added the number of songs instead. A pity. But here is a brilliant idea:


Show both the number of songs and the length of an album! Now, tell me that is not brilliant.


Also, please place this info at the top, by the album cover art, not below the list of songs. If you are looking at a triple disc compilation by Napalm Death it takes a while to scroll down all 5,000 songs, just to get the info that there are 5,000 songs.