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iOS scrub slider accessibility like on android

There is a difference in the behavior of the scrubbing slider to select a tracks position between android and iOS:


In android it is possible to tab anywhere on the slider to move to the corresponding part of the song. 

In iOS (on an iphone), it is only possible to tap the playhead of the slider and then move it to to the desired position. This behavior makes the slider not accessible with one hand for righthanded iphone XL users, as the playhead starts out on the left corner of the screen, which is hard to reach for users with small hands. 

At the same time, every iphone user would profit from removing the extra step to first tap the playhead itself and to then slide, instead of tapping the desired place on the slider.


Thank you!


I agree, especially now that we are seeing this feature spread from app to app. I first saw it in TikTok and they recently added it to Youtube. It's time for Spotify to copy it.