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pinboards to group albums (& playlists)

It would be so cool to be able to put albums or even playlists in different pinboards or folders. I have a lot saved in my library and I'm starting to loose my overview and sadly forget about certain albums bc I just can't find them anymore. It might be even cool, not only to create a better order but also to have some kind of musical moodboards! I appreciate everyone voting, I'm convinced we all need this<3  


Playlists / Albums Grouping / Tagging

I would like to share my thoughts. I totally agree with LilaBanana. 

- Yo go to "Your Library", there are all playlists / albums / artists / downloaded tabs. If you go to any tab, ex. playlists, you get a very long list of playlists. Difficult to navigate, because you need to remember names of them or any keywords.
For example, I want to choose music for sport, I have following playlists: "Trap'n'bass", "Down low", "This is N3B". At the moment I don't remember the names, but I know the vide of them.

- Add custom subgroups / subcategories / tags (created by user) in each group / category or shared between them. For example

PlaylistsAlbumsArtists Downloaded

#Sport | #Focus#Sensual | #Driving | etc

- When user saves a playlist, he can add a category for playlist / album. 
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