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recommendation of regional artists

I'm not aware if Spotify is allowed to activate your location, but, I thought of a way for Spotify to connect even more with its customers and one of them could be, to care even more about its artists, by activating location for Spotify it could be a great idea to appear, as well as the options for "Created for you", "Spotify Singles", etc. A section for all those artists who are or are located somewhere in your region. As well as to make possible stars looking to be heard even more known, by having their premium membership or perhaps paying a small extra they could be part of that section created for all the artists in your region.
In this way with the whole world, to promote and motivate little by little more regional talent from every corner of the world where Spotify is used. I thought about what kind of benefits it would bring and I think it is a good idea to implement, clearly with respective changes, but Spotify would be very recognized for promoting that young talent, that extra would perhaps generate profits and would further improve the company's significance.