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spotify on Panasonic Smart TVs

Status: Good Idea, give it some kudos
by Trashing on ‎2012-12-07 07:14 AM

Hey folks,


Panasonic provides already a lot of Apps for their TVs. But I am missing spotify in the music category. Please make cont(r)act with Panasonic to bring your service online on these Smart TVs.



Status: Good Idea, give it some kudos

Hello everyone,


We love this idea since we'd love to have Spotify available on all platforms. However, we don't announce potential partnerships until they happen. We'll be sure to update this idea once we have more to say.


Please add your Kudos and comments to this idea if you would like to see this implemented.

by AnotherMutant
on ‎2012-12-12 07:32 PM

Yes please. I'm using the computer less and less for streaming media.  Currently using my BR player for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon... Pandora and Shoutcast have a Panny app. Come on Spotify!  Save my TV!

by ijasari
on ‎2013-01-04 11:49 AM

I support this idea as well. Homes with PS3 and Panasonic Smart TVs does not have any means to play music from Spotify without using additional hardware.

by devNull
on ‎2013-01-15 02:46 AM

Yes I agree. I miss a spotify app. on my panasonic tv.

by molek1983
on ‎2013-02-12 04:52 PM

I join this petition !! :)


by onsomeisland
on ‎2013-02-13 08:48 PM

I saw that Spotify now has an app compatible with Samsung, makes sense they have one for Panasonic as well

by lffranco
on ‎2013-02-26 02:57 PM

Spotify for Panasonic Smart Viera now! :)


by olisan
‎2013-03-06 12:25 AM - edited ‎2013-03-06 12:28 AM

I'm in for the petition too !!!!!!! Come on dudes, we life in cyberdays ;-)

Share on facebook everybody :-)

by martidpAU
on ‎2013-03-16 09:02 PM

Can anyone at Spotify speak to whether or not this might be coming down the line?  I would love this as well!

by Lv99Slacker
on ‎2013-04-04 02:07 AM

Panasonic is getting out of the tv biz this year. I'd love for them to go out with a bang, and key to this (for me anyway) would be seeing Spotify as part of their music app line up. Make it happen!

by fuzzy76
on ‎2013-04-15 09:32 PM

They are not getting out of the tv business, they are dropping plasma panels in favor of LCD/LED.

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