2012 doomsday - how will we listen to music?


2012 doomsday - how will we listen to music?

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In a event of a rapid change to the climate or world in late december this year, if a 2012 phenomea will occur, our consumption of music will be slighly problem if we use Spotify in the case of a major distorder to electronic devices due to heavy changes in climate. Even if the electrical supply won't be affected at our home, the internet systems may distort due to the distortions in the global electric transit and we'll not be able to be instantly connected to the internet at all time. Spotify will work so long we have electricity in 30 days from the disaster date, means we'll be able to listen to music from our computer. But if the access to the internet will be fluctating, we'll probably not be able to listen by January 18th, 2013 to Spotify.


I wonder what Spotify says about the potential disaster we might face at December 21th? Should we use MP3s as the worldwide internet network will be distorted due to the climate and external forces that might be released during the long known date?

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Re: 2012 doomsday - how will we listen to music?

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I wonder what will happen on the 21st...

It is supposed to be a 'Major Change' as my mum keeps on pointing out ;)